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Basketweave Tile

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    Basketweave Tile

    Basket wave mosaic tile flooring has been a very popular option for decades, ever since the Victorian Age, when people used to appreciate quality floors that could be scoured, tromped on, flooded with soap and water, and come up shiny and very clean. Nonporous porcelain and marble proved so durable over the years, that you can still find century-old basket weave tile mosaic in historic buildings, such as palaces, operas, railway stations, churches, or mansions. Nowadays, you can find the source of perfect basket waves at Vanity Sale, the most trustful and affordable provider of home decorations.

    The origins of basket waves

    We offer you a highly attractive alternative of basket wave flooring, which can enhance your house with unique aesthetics. Basketweave mosaic flooring has always been an appreciated flooring design, as it was custom-made, done by hand when it first appeared. Initially, it was done by carpenters, which invented a revolutionary method in terms of design, which consisted of interweaving wood panels so they would look like incumbent waves. Gladly, today, this unique method of arranging the panels to create a beautiful flooring design can be done much easier. Vanity Sale offers numerous models of basketweaves, from snow-white tiles to black-and-white flooring and multicolored mosaics. Modern and vintage designs are available alike.

    Does it suit all types of interiors?

    Basketweave marble mosaic tiles were traditionally found in important buildings around Europe, particularly in chateaux around France. This type of flooring is associated with luxury and wealth, which exudes a feeling of charm, style and quality in any place. Like all interior design concepts, basket waves are suited to every room. Used in very big rooms, mosaic basketweave can create the impression of coldness and too much space. On the other hand, used in very small areas, it can emphasize the smallness, which is not ideal as well. Therefore, basket waves are perfect for mid-size rooms or long and narrow hallways, where you want to create the impression of space. This flooring style will transform mid-size rooms into an illusion of grandeur and space. Our beautiful designs can match with any type of furniture. Together, your house will be among the most styled places.

    Solid or engineered?

    Like all flooring options, whether you choose for marble, mosaic, wood or tile basket wave flooring will always depend on the conditions and requirements in the room where you want to lay the floor. For instance, the floor, heating is more suitable for basketweave marble mosaic tiles than for other materials. If you want to achieve an interwoven look or a pre-made basket weave look, engineered flooring is the perfect solution. Do you want Carrara basketweave mosaic in your house? Why not get in touch with us and choose from tens of different models, sizes and materials. At Vanity Sale, we are always more than happy to guide you in achieving the floors of your dreams. Moreover, the quality of our materials guarantees that you will enjoy using your floors and all the other decoration items for many years from now. Our floors are durable, modern, and easy to clean. Using only water and floor detergent, your floors will shine in no time.

    At Vanity Sale, we found the secret of transforming old and much-appreciated design ideas into modern and indispensable pieces of decoration. We offer fashionable and modern basket waves, traditional marble versions, and lower-priced mosaic options. All these options will look amazingly great in a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or saloon. At Vanity Sale, all models of basket weave tile mosaic will enhance your house with unique aesthetics.