Our towel rings are an important accessory of every bathroom!
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Towel Rings

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    Towel Rings

    You're in the middle of remodeling your bathroom. You have a few ideas in your head about the wall paint and floor tiling. You feel confident you can have a spa-inspired idea bathroom. But have you given some thought to the type of accessories you would install in your new bathroom? Would you go for towel bars, hooks, or rings? The problem is the options are many. So, where do you start?

    Practical Use for Every Bathroom

    Is it a bathroom for family members, or a guest bathroom only used twice a year or the master-room bathroom? Knowing who will use the bathroom will save you time and energy. No point spending a big budget on a bathroom only used once a year.

    Also, the space of the bathroom will affect which type of towel ring holder you can pick. Towel bars naturally fit a spacious bathroom. But for smaller bathrooms buying a towel ring is a better choice. Because of their size, towel rings are perfect near the sink to keep your floor dry. Also, a great choice in powder rooms, or a half bath. The brass nickel chrome towel rings are also very popular and highly preferred as they are also stainless.

    Decorate The Bathroom With Stainless Steel Towel Ring

    Modern towel rings like brass nickel chrome are stylish and beautiful for small spaced bathrooms. They're functional, easy to install, and fancy. Do you need any more reasons?

    They can easily be a nice accessory that adds an elegant look to your bathroom. For example, a brushed nickel towel ring will complement a rustic or vintage bathroom design. If you're aspiring for a chrome centered design bathroom, you can find a stainless steel, brass nickel chrome towel ring that fits.

    Many people are heading towards a minimalistic design. Wanting a simple accessory, that adds a simple touch to their home. If you consider yourself as minimalistic, towel rings are worth your consideration. Now that you have decided to go with towel rings. Here are a few places you can install it:

    Towel Rings for Hand Towels

    Your best bet when installing towel rings for hand towels is near the sink. It will prevent water dripping around that area. If your space allows installing one on each side will be great. It will show your thoughtfulness about people being left or right-handed.

    Towel Rings for Bath Towels

    If your shower has a door, you can place a ring on the side it opens. Also, you can décor your bathroom towel rings in asymmetrical heights. This will help even younger ones in the home to reach it. And add a stylish, eye-catching design to your space.

    Installing Towel Rings

    Installing towel rings is easy. Some might need drills, while others are installed with adhesive glue. Mostly they don’t need digs or leave marks. And most importantly they hold your towel in place.

    Also our towel rings are stainless steel. This will eliminate any corrosion that might happen due to humidity. Allowing your towel rings remain in the same condition for several years.

    Affordable and cheap tower rings are made with quality and resilience in mind. Visit our site Vanitysale.com to check towel rings for sale. Get your hands on the best towel rings you can get. That's worth your money.

    A towel ring is a great solution for narrow spaces. Put a ring into a narrow space where a towel bar won't fit, or attach one on the back of the door or under a shelf. You can easily use a towel ring to organize each member's clothes of the family in bathrooms.

    Keeping a hand towel within easy reach of the sink helps to prevent random drips and water spots.

    You can place multiple towel rings at evenly spaced, staggered heights for adults as well as youngsters or those with limited reaching ability. Mount a towel ring within easy reach of the tub or shower. If you have a shower door, place the ring on the side the door opens.

    Long towel rings are here to help you in your bathroom and make it more beautiful. They have a chrome finish. Their material is metal. They are mounted to the bathroom wall. Assembly is not required, we designed the simplest for you. Their dimensions are can change from model to model.