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Bathroom Accessories & Hardware

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    Bathroom Accessories & Hardware

    Transform Your Bathroom With Hardware and Accessories

    Redecorating your bathroom will give your home a facelift. It will also lift your spirits and improve your home’s resale value. Create the bathroom of your dreams with the help of the right bathroom accessories and bathroom hardware. Discover what bathroom hardware sets and other accessories can do to transform your bathroom.

    Accessorize Your Bathroom for Style and Function

    When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, accessories and hardware will make or break your style. Instead of accepting the hardware that comes with the vanity, cabinet, toilet or other bathroom furniture you buy, customize it and make it yours by selecting your own:
    • Drawer handles.
    • Cabinet knobs.
    • Towel racks and warmers.
    • Faucets.
    • Toilet paper holder.
    • Sink drains.
    • Toilet handles.
    There are dozens of other elements you can customize when you redesign your bathroom. Make every detail reflect your style. You’ll create a coordinated look with a designer flair.

    What’s Available In Bathroom Accessories

    When you look for those perfect pieces, choose from industrial-style bathroom accessories, marble bathroom accessories, chrome bathroom accessories and more. Only your style and your budget will limit what you can find.

    How to Choose Bathroom Accessories

    Bathroom accessories come in a wide variety of finishes and metals. You might feel overwhelmed by all the choices out there. Here are some guidelines to help you narrow down your search for the perfect bathroom accessories.

         Choose a style, and stick with it! It’s easy to get distracted by all the attractive hardware pieces out there. When you see them, you second-guess your initial choices. It can seem like a never-ending process. You can get stuck trying to choose the right toilet paper holder or soap dispenser. The best way to avoid this is to commit yourself to your chosen style. If you want to create a cottage look with white and pastel tiles, don’t use hardware that’s modern and sleek. Choose hardware that complements your chosen style. If you like industrial style, select hardware and accessories that reflect that. If you’re not working with a decorator, study decorating magazines or pictures of bathrooms that catch your eye. A bathroom accessories set is another good idea. It usually includes a full set of accessories in one convenient, coordinated package.

         Take size into account! Your accessories and hardware should be proportionate to the size of your bathroom. Small bathrooms work best with streamlined hardware that doesn’t overwhelm the total look. You may also want a softer, muted finish on the hardware for a small bathroom. A larger bathroom would look good with sizeable hardware pieces in bright metals. Smaller pieces might get lost in a large bathroom. Choose the accessories that bring out the best in your room.

         Consider what’s in style! You don’t have to follow what’s in fashion, but use these trends to inspire your own ideas. Designers are moving away from the gray shades and burnished metals that have dominated bathrooms in the past few years. This year, the big trends are dark tile with bright metal fixtures and industrial elements.

    Marble Bathroom Accessories

    Nothing beats the look of marble in the bathroom. Marble is versatile enough to work with any style, and it’s elegant enough to give any room an upscale, luxurious look. Marble bathroom accessories give your bathroom an instant upgrade. Many people like the look of a marble bathroom, but there are some significant drawbacks to using marble instead of ceramic tile in your bathroom:

    • It stains easily.
    • You must put a protective sealant on it.
    • It’s expensive.
    • Installation requires a professional.
    You can get the benefits of marble without the drawbacks by using marble bathroom accessories. They will blend perfectly with your tile and ceramic. Black, white and blue are popular, stylish colors for marble bathroom accessories. Consider adding marble towel racks, towel rings or cabinet pulls. Your bathroom will look elegant with marble bathroom accessories.

    Chrome Bathroom Accessories

    When you want a sleek style that fits anywhere, chrome is the answer. Chrome bathroom accessories are the most popular of all hardware and accessory types. There are good reasons for chrome’s popularity.

    • It blends easily with any style.
    • Chrome is low-maintenance.
    • It's easy to install.
    • Chrome is inexpensive compared to other metals.
    Chrome bathroom accessories are a great choice because you can find everything you need in chrome. Every accessory comes in chrome. Chrome bathroom accessories will work if you’re going for a modern, traditional, industrial or country style. They are versatile and will blend with existing metal accessories in your bathroom. Chrome bathroom accessories also come in brushed chrome versions for a look that mimics higher-end brushed metals. If you want a low-cost, low-maintenance option that can look good anywhere, choose chrome bathroom accessories.

    Bathroom Accessories Set

    The easiest way to get a coordinated look is to buy a bathroom accessories set. This set will include the pieces that make an immediate impact. A bathroom accessories set typically includes the following.

    Towel racks: They’re among the first things to catch the eye when people walk into your bathroom. Using a towel rack with a warming element adds luxurious comfort to your bathroom. In a small bathroom, a simple towel ring is an attractive way to display a towel.

    Toilet paper holder: You may not give much thought to your toilet paper holder, but a toilet paper holder that doesn’t match the overall theme will look out of place.

    Robe hook: Don’t just use a cheap suction cup to hang your robe. Make your hook secure and attractive in a finish that matches the rest of the bathroom.

    Tissue holder: If you need to leave a box of tissues out, why not give it a great-looking cover? A tissue holder that matches your theme is a detail that adds up. The easiest way to get an instant upgrade is to use a bathroom accessories set.

    Bathroom Hardware

    Don’t forget the hardware when you’re giving your bathroom a facelift. Bathroom hardware can include:

    • Cabinet hardware including pulls, knobs, hinges and drawer slides.
    • Toilet handles and pulls.
    • Toilet paper holder.
    • Lighting fixtures.
    • Outlet covers and backplates.
    • Safety grab bars.
    Bathroom hardware comes in all styles and types. Changing the pulls or handles on your bathroom cabinets will transform them dramatically. You can buy cabinet pulls shaped like animals or flowers. You can find bathroom hardware pieces in rustic, contemporary, traditional, industrial or retro styles. Choose metals, woods, glass, acrylic and a wealth of other materials. Save time and money by using a bathroom accessories set. Bathroom hardware sets make decorating easy.

    Benefits of Using Bathroom Hardware Sets

    Bathroom hardware sets make it easy to pull together your coordinated look. Bathroom hardware sets come in every style, color and finish.

    • Get pieces that match each other in style and theme.
    • Save time and money purchasing a set that’s already put together.
    • Get a unified look quickly and easily.
    Check out our impressive lineup of bathroom accessories, bathroom hardware, bathroom hardware sets and other items. Creating your beautiful new bathroom is now easy thanks to Vanity Sale.