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Nova 4808 Hook Metal Material Chrome Finish

Its material is metal and it is mounted to the bathroom wall

Nova Series Hook is in harmony with other Nova series which looks fantastic for your bathroom design

It has two hooks

For this product, assembly is not needed

Nova 4808 Hook Metal Material Chrome Finish

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Nova Hook has chrome finish which provides more endurable product . Its material is metal and it is mounted to the bathroom wall. Nova Series Hook is in harmony with other Nova series which looks fantastic for your bathroom design. It has two hooks. For this product, assembly is not needed. Practicality ,as you know, is one of the most valuable feature in home designing. 
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  • L***** S***** 09/24/2022

    Great hooks

    These small hooks are great.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** b***** 09/26/2022

    hooks is looking good

    This hook is looking good in the bathroom. It holds Towels and tshirts nicely
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** w***** 09/27/2022

    Good hook

    good hook. high durability, little price
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** w***** 10/03/2022

    Good hook

    Very good hook!! I bought 4 of them and use in my wall.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** r***** 10/05/2022

    Good product

    Good product!! I liked it
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • V***** m***** 10/09/2022

    high quality

    No comment at all!! Nice product
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • I***** m***** 10/09/2022

    Easy to install

    Easy to install, very sturdy, Finish was perfect
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** t***** 10/10/2022

    Hooks are functional

    This hooks is very small but very functional, All my towels are organized with these hooks.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** W***** 10/10/2022

    love this style

    I love the style and look. Nice product
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • H***** c***** 10/10/2022

    durability is nice

    durability of hooks are nice. I use in my bathroom and I am pleased
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** r***** 10/10/2022

    simple and chic

    Very Simple and Chic Design. Good
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • D***** g***** 10/10/2022

    good hooks

    enough quality product. I hang my towels in my bathroom with confidence. I bought 2 before and because I was satisfied with the quality of the product, I bought 2 more. Using a total of 4 products greatly reduces the mess in my bathroom. It is a quality product and it is very comfortable to use.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** l***** 10/10/2022

    stronger one

    hook is stronger than others. I use it until forever :))
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • M***** J***** 10/10/2022

    Dual Use

    This double towel hanger is hundred percent recommended !! My girlfriend use it to hang our robes and the wide chrome material part looks very elegant and different. Also since the length from the wall is much more when it is compared to standard towel hangers, it give proper space for the robes to dry. If you re a person like me who hates the remaining wetness on the backside of the towels, "have to buy" product.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
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