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Waterjet Tile

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Admit it or not, the aesthetics of our home play an important role in setting our mood, our overall well-being and our pride to the guests that visit us. We always invest so much time, passion and money in decorating our home and make it a dream-place to live in. Most of the time, the elements that dictate the tastefulness in the design are tiles and wallpapers. These are the focal point in every house, which set the entire atmosphere and influence further choices in terms of furniture and accessories. The waterjet mosaic flooring is a unique element that can enhance your house with a distinct and remarkable design.

Distinct design with waterjet flooring

Elegant lines and intricate patterns are the design elements that define the waterjet tile mosaics. These special tiles are designed with passion and great tastefulness in fine aesthetics. Vanity Sale offers numerous models of flooring, from marble to ceramics. With over 100 different patterns of flooring, we offer you an enchanting trip to discover our unique floors and to explore the interesting design features of waterjet mosaics.

Unique manufacturing process

In order to obtain these interesting, curved and unique shapes and patterns, the manufacturing process is unique, as it is not possible to get these patterns from traditional cutting methods. The cutting technique involves taking advantage of every little piece of stone, promoting in this way sustainability by using the most of raw materials, marble and natural stone in our case. Each piece is carefully collected and cleaned off, before being assembled by hand into the waterjet mosaic tile. They can be used on both floors and walls, in both cases displaying the intricate details of elegant lines and unique patterns.

Exquisite accent

The waterjet mosaic is a perfect material to cover your walls and floors, as it offers your house a sense of grandeur and luxury. They are perfect for mid-sized rooms, as they will offer the illusion of space, luminosity, and luxury. When it comes to walls, marble waterjet mosaics replicate the look of wallpapers perfectly and provide a more durable option. Moreover, choosing waterjet mosaics, you prove to yourself and to people that you have bold tastes in terms of design.

Worthy flooring and wall design

Due to its unique design, special manufacturing technique, high durability, and remarkable taste in design, the waterjet mosaic tile price is more expensive compared to other flooring options. If you are willing to invest a little bit more in these elements, your house will never look old-fashioned or out of taste. The waterjet flooring or wall decorations are ever-living design elements, which will always enhance every space with elegance and style. As for furniture and accessories, everything suits this type of floor. At Vanity Sale, you will discover the most modern and stylish elements of décor, from floors, and wallpapers to cabinets, and many accessories. Come check our website for a bunch of perfect inspiration and offer to your house what it deserves: beautiful and high-quality items of decoration.