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Water Jet Marble Mosaic Tiles - Basketweave Crema Marfil Honed & Pure White Polished 12"x12"

1- USAGE AREAS This product is suitable for use on bathroom floors and walls.

2- SAFE SHIPPING Our company is number 1 in safe shipping.

3- CALCULATED DIMENSIONS Don't worry, our company produces these marble mosaic tiles in the most suitable sizes.

4- LONG TERM USE The best quality mosaics are sold by our company.

5- DESIGN OPTIONS You can find different white marble mosaic tile by taking a look at our Vanity Sale site.

Water Jet Marble Mosaic Tiles - Basketweave Crema Marfil Honed & Pure White Polished 12"x12"

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VANITY SALE  Water Jet 501-Micro Basketweave Crema Marfil Honed & Pure White Poblished 12"x12"


  • Mosaics, both indoors and outdoors; It is one of the tile models preferred for a countertop, wall, and floor applications, with its bright and luxurious appearance. Using mosaic in any area significantly improves the style of the space. 
  • You can add traditional elegance to your living spaces with white marble mosaic tile in the interior. You can choose from traditional, minimal, or more modern designs interpreted with geometric lines. So the design options are entirely up to you.
  • Mosaic, which is used extensively in indoor and outdoor spaces, is now a versatile and durable material obtained by various methods. Powdered residual glass pieces are shaped by press and oven process. 
  • Mosaics recycled from glass waste and reused are an environmentally friendly product. Less energy is used to produce marble mosaic tiles compared to a similar size ceramic tile. According to the pattern or shape, mosaic pieces can be created by arranging them in different ways. 
  • Squares and rectangles are the most common shapes, but custom tiles can come in a variety of shapes. In some mosaic types, decorative coatings can be obtained by combining water jet cut marble mosaic pieces with other materials such as metal or stone. 
  • In building materials such as flooring, the durability of the material is regulated by standards. And these mosaics, arranged according to the most durable standards, are resistant to cracking after hard impacts. Thanks to this, you can have the chance to use our mosaics very comfortably for a long time.
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