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Marble Hexagon Tile

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Bluewood Hexagon Mosaic Limestone Honed Gray Marble 12"x12" (2" Chip Size)
$44.66 $39.57
Bluewood Hexagon Mosaic Limestone Honed Gray Marble 12"x12" (2" Chip Size)
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    Limestone Honed

    Marble Hexagon Tiles

    Hexagon tile flooring is a classic and timeless design. You can decorate your bathroom with that retro 1920s vibe. They come in many variations, with a wide range of options. People always say they look better in person than in photos. It could be because their honed surface is satiny soft, their beautiful color variation, or both. The geometric nature-inspired shape makes hexagon tile floors trendy. Its variation gives you plenty of personalization to mix and match because hexagon tiles come in many forms. The smaller sized tiles give your home a traditional look. You can create mosaic patterns if you're looking for that classic traditional design. While the more oversized sized tiles give your home a more trendy aesthetic look, you can mix a few contemporary colors together or choose a single hue for a more modern look. With many options comes confusion, and you might not know where to begin. Our short guide will help you to reach a satisfying decision.

    Hexagon Tile Flooring for The Bathroom

    Imagine black hexagon tiles covering your bathroom floor. A lovely sight, right? Although they might look delicate, they are durable and hard. Rich with color options and texture, endless possibilities. From white hexagon tile to marble hexagon tile, your pick! Also, hexagon tiles are known for their high strength in mechanical stress, making them ideal for high traffic spaces, like bathrooms, kitchen, and commercial environments. Also, hex tiles are known for their trait to resist high temperatures. It's common for them to decorate near hot spaces, like around the oven in the kitchen.

    Hexagon floor tiles have a long service life. You shouldn’t be worrying about replacing them or renovating them. They can retain their original appearance for a long while. Also, they're made from natural materials like clay. Eco-friendly and don't emit any harmful vapors to the environment. If you're considering hexagon tile for bathrooms, they're compatible with other finish materials such as wallpaper, paint, and parquet.

    Since you’re in the middle of considering remodeling your bathroom, our wall-mounted bathroom vanities could have a place in your renovation.

    Perfect for Different Kinds of Space

    Hexagon tiles offer a solution for small spaces with uneven shapes because of their unique shape and flexibility. They can easily provide an illusion drawing the person's eyes from any unevenness in the room flooring. The hexagon shape is especially has a lovely contrast with large and round, glossy bathtubs.

    Installation and Maintenance

    You are probably used to seeing hexagon tiles in kitchens, entryways, and hallways. But bathrooms are the most commonplace for them because many people prefer vintage style for their bathroom space.

    Since mosaic hexagon tiles have grout lines, they provide a grip to slippery floors and prevent injuries. You can install them in the shower too.

    Cleaning your hexagon tiles is fairly easy. Water or cleaning solution of your preference will do the job. These methods are enough to remove any dirt from the surface. Also, they don't allow the fungus to accumulate on the surface, making them ideal for humid spaces like bathrooms and saunas.

    While we don't recommend installing them yourself for many reasons, it is best to hire a trained specialist for this type of work. You might be lacking the equipment needed for this tiring work.

    Did you find our brief guide helpful? You can view many options you can install in your home by visiting our site Browse affordable and cheap hexagon tiles that will fit your taste.