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Subway Tiles

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    All-familiar and beautiful look with modern subway tiles for bathrooms

    What started as a glossy surface underground 100 years ago is now a sought-after thing of beauty in homes. Modern subway tiles for bathrooms are still inspired with their initial purpose of creating a bright, polished look, except they no longer do so on the “under-street” walls. Now you can set up this welcoming design as your coverings. And VanitySale will help you do that with the best subway tiles for shower walls or wherever you want to install them.

    Our subway tiles incorporate everything you expect from such coverings. Available in an array of sizes, they fit any space, whether around your shower stall or above your vanity. They go with virtually all bathroom designs, bringing an ultra-modern look that you’re here for.

    Colors and patterns of bathroom wall subway tiles

    All interior designs are unique, and so are our subway tile options. At VanitySale, we carry them not only in the traditional brick pattern but also as interlocking mosaic sheets and other “exotic” variations. Whatever shape and lines fit your place, you will find the tiles that reflect them here.

    If it’s only creamy white coverings that you visualize when picturing subway tiles for bathroom walls, think again! For those who seek a royal look, we have marble options made to enhance a luxury feel. There’s nothing like the unique natural veining of this material to accentuate your walls.

    Subway tiles that never lose their modern look

    There’s no question of these tiles succumbing to wear and tear. Back in the early 1900s, they proved they were easy to clean and durable below ground. Fortunately, when used in homes, they preserve and take these traits even further.

    Our subway tiles for bathroom showers are designed to maintain their glossy finish for years down the road. Caring for their look is a cinch, and your chosen color will always remain as dazzling as when you installed the coverings. Neither water nor steam will affect their brightness, meaning they will make a feast for the eyes for a good while.

    Most affordable bathroom wall subway tiles at VanitySale

    Elegant patterns and other subway tile features may seem like you have to pay a fortune to get them. But this couldn’t be further from the truth when you shop at the VanitySale store.

    We stand behind the best prices for tiles of all types, including these underground-inspired ones. Paired with regular discounts, they are way lower than anywhere else. And there’s always a chance to get free shipping to trim costs.

    Despite the splendid marble look of our subway tiles in bathroom designs, they don’t carry hefty price tags. Plunge into our collection to get the best coverings for less money!