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Bath Mats

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    Bath Mats

    When you're decorating the bathroom, you might focus on functionality or aesthetics, which is perfectly fine. But if you can do both, why not opt for it?

    Should I go with looks or practicality? This question is more common when it comes to buying bath mats. Most people don't think twice about it. They're just looking for a bath mat that keeps their floor clean and their feet dry. Also, some people will confuse bath mats with bath rugs. The difference is quite small, but it definitely is worth setting the record clear about this common misconception.

    Differences Between Bath Mats and Rugs

    There are some crucial differences you should gather before deciding which type is best for you. Bath mats are considered more functional, and some people might store it away if it isn't used. But people prefer to keep bath rugs in their place without having the need to move them.

    Bath rugs have a fluffier and more luxurious feel compared to bath mats. Sometimes bath rugs might have a rubber at the bottom that stops them from moving. But, bath mats can absorb more water and are easy to clean.

    From a design standpoint, bath rugs can have multipurpose use. But bath mats are your best choice when looking for something fast and easy to place in front of your shower. And does the job of preventing excess water on the floor. No matter which one you choose, both bath rugs and mats would look great with your ceramic floor tiles.

    Selection of Bath Mats

    When it comes to color, bath mats for the shower does the same job as regular towels. And it comes in many colors; it is best to choose colors that fit your existing color schemes. Or a color mat that fits the majority of your towels. Then it will create a coherent feel and style. For example, you can pick colors that match your shower curtain perfectly.

    Bath mat sizes really depend on how spacious your bathroom is. A large bath mat or small bath mat, it really doesn't matter. Pick the size according to your bathroom needs. Nobody will enjoy an oversize bath mat in a small space. It will dominate your bathroom floor.

    Quality Materials for Your Bathroom

    When choosing the right material, you're looking for a mat that can stay with you for a long time. Ideally, the bath mat should be soft to touch, takes up a great deal of water, and really stays put. Also, you get to keep it longer than you should. You can wash it a bunch of times, and it comes out like new.

    There are few bath mat material options to consider. Like cotton, cotton mats are the most preferred. They are known for absorbency, softness, and ease of cleaning. But their durability isn't quite as good as other materials.

    Also, you have synthetic materials like nylon mats. They dry up quicker, don't need much cleaning, and are more durable. Plastic mats are at the bottom of the list. They are much easier to clean but don't hold much water. And don't have that aesthetic look compared to the other two.

    We hope we covered all the basics you need to know to get shower bath mats. Visit Vanity Sale to buy a bath mat, and view more bathroom products.