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Wall Travertines

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    Wall Travertines

    Looking for a new way to style your walls? Why not try travertine wall tiles. Travertine on walls can give your house a contemporary look or a modern sleek look. Based on your preferences and design. These versatile travertine stone tiles will add a pop of color to any wall they are installed on. Buy travertine wall tiles today to start your dream house makeover.

    What is a travertine stone tile?

    A travertine stone is a unique type of limestone. Only found in a few mineral spring deposits around the world. The limestone forms rapidly due to calcium precipitation. Which is facilitated by the evaporation of water in the geothermally heated hot springs

    Travertine limestone mixes and blends with other minerals naturally. Found in the deposits, that gives it beautiful swirls that can't be replicated. Even if anyone tried.These patterns and blends go with any color of the walls. However, most people usually prefer neutral colors as they are the best wall color with travertine floors. But you can choose and match colors based on your own liking and taste.

    Travertine stone tiles are strong, durable, and will last you a lifetime. And proper maintenance of the tiles helps them stay in their initial appearance and not succumb to daily wear and tear.

    A huge benefit is that the travertine tiles are very cost-efficient, especially when compared with other natural stones like granite and marble. You can find cheap travertine wall tiles very easily, that too in different colors and patterns, which makes them a perfect choice in every aspect.

    The durability of these tiles makes them a perfect fit for your home. Whether installed indoors or outdoor. Travertine stone tiles have a special anti-slip feature. This means you can easily install them in your bathrooms and showers. These tiles look amazing as travertine shower wall panels. As they have both functionality and aesthetically appealing features.

    Benefits of Travertine stone wall tiles

    The travertine stone is naturally beautiful and colorful, available in a wide range of colors and patterns. This variability and a vast array of choices are important factors responsible for the recent fame of travertine stone. With every person wanting to add these to their home.

    Travertine wall tiles are a perfect wall color choice. If matched with travertine floors resulting in a distinctive appearance, simply unmatched. The travertine stone tiles can come polished or unpolished. And can also be honed to give you different choices even with the same patterns.

    The installment of wall travertine tiles and floor travertine tiles will improve the look of your house. And will even keep your house clean. Unlike carpets, these tiles don't collect dust and pollen. Also, on the surface, they won't need any extra tiring or professional cleaning. An easy dusting and mopping of the walls and the floors will guarantee to remove any dirt particles. That may settle on the travertine.

    Apart from minimal maintenance in the form of filling small holes that may develop over time. The travertine doesn’t ask for much but gives back a lot. You can fill these holes yourself, which are a sign of everyday use. This will give travertine its elegant look, and make it like it is brand new.

    Now that you know the benefits of the travertine wall tiles. Visit our website to shop at the best price with quality products. Do you like travertine wall tiles? You may like porcelain wall tiles for trendy and good looking walls.

    Interior travertine walls impart considerable visual impact to a room as well as dramatic and dazzling beauty.

    Stately yet modern, travertines are a luxury option for embellishing interior walls. VanitySale models bring a select air to public buildings, shopping and work centres, enhancing a space and amplifying the value of its contents. But in residential buildings, too, they bring an exquisite touch to any room in the house.

    In bathrooms, travertines are a very popular material for the calm they emanate, their balanced colours and pleasant touch: they can be smooth, velvety, silky, rough-texture. Natural stone envelops this intimate space in a pleasurable and relaxing atmosphere.

    Unique beauty of the travertine is now on your walls. Grace and elegance of the travertine unites with the excellent decor. With easy cleaning, stylish-look , spacious air, it is ready to garnish your house. These Travertine stones have easy cleaning characteristics and they are scratch resistant. Other than that, they have strength and high density.