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Penny Round Tiles

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    Marble Penny Round Tiles

    If you're keeping up with fashion trends you would notice what was once considered vintage is making a comeback. This is the case with penny round tiles. In the early 1900s, they were a classic trend. They were common and popular to install on kitchen and bathroom floors. And now penny round is making a return to the contemporary design scene.

    Penny rounds are made of porcelain, and they come glazed or unglazed. You can choose which one is the ideal fit for your home, it is up to your style and tastes. The unglazed look gives you a more classic historic feel. While the glazed penny round can have a gloss or satin finish giving it an elegant look. This type often comes as white penny round tile.

    Porcelain penny rounds are the most common. But you don't need to limit your alternative options to porcelain. Penny round tile floors can be found in different materials like glass or stone. Glass penny round mosaic tiles are known to give a luxurious look. They feel nice under your feet and are a nice choice for any space. But, they can easily crack and cause people to slip. The rest of the materials are considered non-slip tiles, making them perfect for wet areas. Also, their durability makes them the ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

    Wide Range of Colour Options

    Penny round tiles came a long way from the classic black or white colors. Now they come in many patterns and shades. Even if you decide to mix and match, you can't go wrong. You will create a bold and unique look for your home.

    Also, penny round tiles have the flexibility that makes tiling curved objects seamless. Their unique design makes them ideal for bathroom backsplash and shower floors eye-grabbing. Their retro vibe makes them easily fit any space and highlight your interior design. So you can find a penny round for the bathroom.

    One option for you is white penny tiles, and this is considered a classic look. Another option is black with a grey penny round shower floor, and this is a contemporary design. And the blue penny round tile floor is seen as delightful. Now, that's color therapy. Or you can go with penny round mosaic tiles flooring. You can go with whatever inspires you.

    We understand you might not want to remodel your bathroom every year. So why not get yourself some shower curtains and save yourself some time?

    Installing and Maintenance

    The installation process isn't hard, because the mesh sheet they are attached to makes it easy. But if you're thinking of installing it personally, it will be a difficult task. It is best to leave it to professionals to handle the installation. Do you like the maintenance of penny round tiles but also looking at different kinds of tiles? You can look up hexagon mosaics to have a great look in your home!

    We know installing penny round tiles for the bathroom is the norm. But installing them in unexpected spaces like your stairs will send a bold statement to your visitors.

    To keep the tiles clean and extend their lifespan, sealing the grout areas is a must. In case the sealing is tearing, this should be remade every few years once. The sealing is important to keep them from storing any unnecessary moisture.

    That's all from us, and we hope the tips made you less scared to buy penny round tile flooring. And visit our site for more price information and cheap penny round tiles offer.