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Travertine Mosaics

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    Travertine Mosaic Tiles

    Do you currently plan to renovate your house or your apartment but are stumped on how to do it? What better way than adding travertine mosaic border tiles to your home? To give it a luxurious, matt yet satin-honed appearance.

    Travertine mosaic tiles can be installed in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or hallway. And even the conservatory as mosaic floor tiles, mosaic border tiles, or travertine mosaic wall tiles. The possibilities are endless when using travertine mosaics, which are now available online for a reasonable price.

    Properties of Travertine Mosaic Tiles

    Travertine is a multifaceted type of limestone. It is created by the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, producing calcite, which combines with other minerals over time. This mixing of different minerals produces natural swirls and patterns on the stone. When cut up, it gives a mosaic pattern.

    The travertine mosaic floor tiles can have quite a few finishes that differ based on appearance, texture, and polishing. Different finishes of these tiles will give your house different looks and tones, ranging from attractive calming tones to marble patterns. They also offer a shiny look that will make your house look like a piece of art.

    Stylish and Economic for Every Budget

    Travertine mosaic tiles are the most common tiles used nowadays. Especially if you are looking for a natural stone compared to other natural stones, they are cost-effective with equal or even more durability. You can buy travertine mosaic tiles online for an affordable price to lighten the burden on your wallet. Travertine mosaic tiles also look perfect with glass shower doors.

    Travertine Mosaics: Suitable for Every Room

    Travertine mosaics, the unpolished ones especially, have a non-slip texture, making them the prime choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The unpolished travertine is commonly installed in the bathrooms and showers, areas where other stones may increase the chances of slipping.

    They can withstand extreme temperatures, and this means these tiles can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Travertine mosaics are great for the base of your pools, especially if you live in a warmer region.

    Also, travertine mosaic tiles can be found in different sizes thanks to the ease with which the stone can be cut. So, if you have an odd space leftover after installing your tiles, you can just get a smaller-sized tile to complete your home makeover.

    Variety of Colors

    Travertine is a beautiful blend of different minerals with calcium carbonate, resulting in different colors of the stone you can choose from. This variety of colors, along with the versatility of the stone, make the travertine the perfect natural stone for your home's new look.

    Travertine Mosaics Installment

    The travertine mosaics have several advantages that make them the number one choice, especially for those looking for stylish, durable, and reasonably priced tiles. But you must take proper care while installing the mosaics, keeping in mind the location and finish of the tiles. These tiles are resilient if properly maintained. And that starts during the installment process.

    Now that you know the nitty-gritty of the travertine mosaic tiles. Visit for our collection of cheap travertine tiles for sale. We guarantee to leave you mesmerized.