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Wall Mounted Shelves

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    Wall Mounted Shelves

    You wouldn't imagine how something so simple and functional as wall shelves organizer can transform your home interior décor. But they do. They are versatile, come in many styles, and can fit in any room. Wall Shelving can help you display, store, or hide what you don't need.

    You might feel overwhelmed when looking for wall shelves organizers. Because there are certain things to consider before buying it. Like, the type of shelves that fit your lifestyle and home décor. Let's cover some of the most important aspects you should consider before deciding on  wall shelves.

    They Can Aesthetically Fit in Any Room

    Aside from your personal style, your shelving has to naturally fit your daily needs. Do you want to use it to store your mail and keys? Or display your expensive vase? Well-placed shelves can work in all those situations. And can create versatility and add space to all your rooms.

    The Bathroom

    Having wall shelving in the bathroom is very common. It can store all your candles, soaps, perfumes, and any necessary items. For instance, a decorative wall shelves for bathroom can easily upscale your guest bathroom. Also, it can provide extra functionality to hang the towels and save more space. The open design of wall mounted shelves creates a modern feel to your bathroom.

    The small wall shelves aren't the only useful solution when working with limited space. But it makes your bathroom tidy and beautiful.

    The Kitchen

    You can use wall shelves in the kitchen to feature your favorite coffee mugs, display your spices, or place your kitchen utensils. And you can get creative with corner wall shelves and even display your houseplant to create a sense of warmth. Or you can consider a black metal wall shelving and create rustic floating shelves with hooks to display your coffee bar. The black metal would look great with warm-toned rugs.

    The Living Room

    When it comes to the Living Room every detail matters. The Living Room space needs special attention when it comes to decorative shelves. So you must consider livingroom wall shelves that complements the existing décor and style. For instance, a wall shelves for livingroom can create a great place to display your book collections, framed photos, and other souvenirs or accessories you like. A floating wall shelf above the TV table will give your living room décor an upscale modern look. And you can use the space to your advantage.

    The Entryway

    Your home entryway deserves some care too. Nothing fancy, but keeping it functional can go a long way. Installing the wall shelve at your entryway can help you organize the essentials you need before leaving your home. Like a mail & key wall organizer, it could tidy up the entrance and provide easy access to some of your on-the-go essentials.

    Wall Shelving materials

    Wall shelves not only come in an array of styles but are made from different materials as well. Wood shelves are known for being sturdy and more retro. Also, harder woods are more resistant to scratch. The metal wall shelving is your best bet if your home is in a moist environment because they are more resistant to fungus growth. While glass shelves are heavy and less durable, they can aesthetically complement contemporary home décor.

    You don't need to go over the board when styling your room with shelves. The key is to choose a material and style that complement the existing interior décor. A good example would be wood and metal shelves, they go well with the industrial environment. But if you are going with a conventional style, the white wall shelves will give you a timeless look.

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