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Travertine Floor Tiles

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    Travertine Floor Tiles

    Everyone loves to have a beautiful and unique-looking bathroom, don’t they? Well, travertine tiles can give that unique and distinct look you want. So, what is a travertine tile? A travertine tile is a natural stone that is shaped in the form of tiles. It is similar to granite and marble and can add a rich look to any decor with its striking appearance. That said, travertine tiles are not available easily as they develop only in certain areas that have mineral spring deposits. Now comes the big question. Should you use travertine tiles for your floors, showers, pools, or any other outdoor area?

    Aesthetic Appeal for The Bathrooms

    The last few years have seen a big surge in the use of travertine floor tiles for the bathrooms. Many homeowners attribute the use of travertine tiles to its attractive range of colors, patterns, and variations, all of which give a unique touch to the overall decor. As a bonus, these travertine tiles go well with marble, mosaics, and a host of other tile, showers, and vanity tops to give you a visually aesthetic appeal.

    Easy Maintenance for Cleaning

    Another huge advantage of travertine floor tiles is its easy maintenance. A simple wipe down with a mop or a sponge should be enough to clean the water spots and soap scums, both of which are the nightmares of homeowners. This also explains the reason for choosing travertine tile showers as they are easy to wipe down. Even the stubborn stains on these tiles can be removed with a regular mop.

    Non-slip Texture for Pools

    Travertine pool tiles are popular because of their non-slip texture. The mineral deposits provide an easy grip to walk on, and it doesn’t skid. Hence, they work for bathrooms as well. Outdoor travertine tiles are also a good choice for patios and walkways that are constantly prone to wet weather as they reduce the chances of slipping.

    Highly durable Material

    These tiles are highly resilient and durable, and they last much longer than similar materials. This makes it a great investment and gives a good return for your money. Further, these tiles give a timeless look and feel to the place, so it never looks old and worn out even after many years of use. On top of that, travertines will give you the most comfortable feeling under your feet when you step out of the shower.

    Easy to Cut and Shape

    Travertine tiles are easy to cut and shape, so you’re sure to get the size and shape that you want. Even small and odd-shaped areas can be filled with these tiles. Due to these reasons, cheap travertine tiles are a good choice for your decor, especially in wet places like pools, showers, bathrooms, and outdoor areas that are frequently exposed to rain and snow.

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