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    Shower Pans System

    All of us have a special relationship with our shower pan, regardless of the fact that we are not aware of it. We visit our bathtub or shower at least one time in a day, which makes that shower cubicle one of the most important elements in the bathroom. While many of us take the shower for granted and are not aware of how important the components are, we should understand that the drainage system is actually the main part of a modern bathroom. It is the components that work in conjunction with each other that offer us a relaxing time, proper hygiene, and energizing experience. If you are still not convinced why a shower floor pan is important, we suggest you to continue reading further.

    What exactly is a shower pan?

    It is a critical and indispensable component of the entire shower system. The term actually refers to the component under the shower cubicle, which we do not see it. It is something below the tiles or the bath floor, which acts as waterproof and prevents seepage and leakages into the tiles and to the floors under the bathroom. It is a must-have component of shower cubicles, and it is very important to be a custom shower pan, which perfectly matches your needs and requirements.

    Multiple functionalities

    Our pans are designed for easy handling, installation, and maintenance. They are manufactured to fit seamlessly into the shower doors or be installed independently. At Vanity Sale, you can find a wide range of shower pans, of different sizes, models and prices. The most modern shower pans have many properties, such as beveled thresholds, a choice of drain positions, and an anti-slip gel coat finish. Visit our website if you think to buy a shower pan for your bathroom, and you will be amazed by the multitude of choices and designs available.

    Installing it on your own

    You can install the pan on your own, but it depends on the expertise level you have in DIY installation and masonry work. You should pay attention to the liner, which should go under the reinforced mortar, the one that forms the base of the bathroom floor. You need a wide range of tools, such as nails and drills. However, you should request assistance from a professional if you want to have a secure, waterproof and leakage proof shower. Try to avoid buying a cheap shower pan, since their low-quality may have a bad influence on the entire drainage system in a short time after installation. At Vanity Sale, you can find affordable pans, which have competitive prices on the Turkish market, in terms of quality, customization and design. We guarantee you that our pans worth all the money and you will enjoy your shower system for many long years.


    A great relaxing experience in the shower at the end of the day or a wake-up shower at the beginning of the day are parts of our routine, which we take for granted, forgetting to appreciate that we enjoy all of these due to a complex drainage system. Depending on how well the cubicle was designed, our experience can be ranked from low to the highest. That is why, it is important to choose high-quality pans with lots of properties, which you can find at Vanity Sale. We offer a wide range of pans and cubicles, so your shower will be an amazing experience without water leakage for many years from now. Check our website to purchase the best shower pans for sale, and to transform your bathroom into a free from care paradise of relaxation.