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PentaUSA White Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine-Stops Moving

Color: Do you want to keep your machine still elegant with anti-vibration pads? Elegant white is the color of our anti-vibration pads. It appears considerably more elegant than others and will match the color of your washing machine.

Less Noise: Reduce the noisy vibrations of your washer, dryer and other vibrating or rotating machines.Get the quiet your family needs on washing day. Anti-vibration pads reduce vibrations emitted from the floor or near cabinets or appliances.

Protects Your Floor: These rubber anti-vibration pads don’t just reduce noise, they protect your floor from potential damage from your appliances. Additionally, it shields your device from wear and tears brought on by movement and shaking.

Best Traction: Your dryer will no longer walk or slide, and the noise it creates while operating will be reduced. It will safeguard both your floor and, more crucially, your machine against damage brought on by trembling, sliding, or walking.

Works On Any Floor: this washing machine pan will work on any sort of floor. Rubber cushions work well with concrete, laminate, or hardwood floors. Your ceramic tiles or granite surfaces won't be harmed due to PentaUSA anti vibration pads.

PentaUSA White Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine-Stops Moving

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PentaUSA White Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machine-Stops Moving

Our washer and dryer pedestals guard against scuffing, scratching, and other flooring damage that could result in you forfeiting your security deposit. A fairly straightforward way to prevent any issues in the future is this anti vibration pad. They also make it easier to clean under your appliances without moving them - by raising them a further 1 inch off the ground.

Our sturdy pedestals are made from thick, long-lasting natural rubber with textured threads to ensure the highest levels of vibration and noise reduction. Moreover, they are non-marking and ideal for a variety of flooring, including tiles, hard or laminated wood, carpet, and more.

Moisture-proof, anti-rust, and easy to clean. At the same time, the bottom is designed with a grille, which can play a good anti-skid effect, thereby better ensuring the safety of the washing machine. What’s more, it also helps you avoid expensive repairs and extend the lifespan of your equipment. No need to mess with fancy tools or finicky levelers. Just lift the equipment safely and place one of these cushions under each equipment foot to effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

  • soft or firm? (J***** C*****) 01/15/2023
    Q: My washer has feet The inside of the pad. Is it soft or firm?
    A: It is made with firm material. It can withstand your washer's wait easily. It will stop the vibration and reduce the noise that your washing machine makes instantly
  • answer pls (M***** A*****) 01/15/2023
    Q: Are these pads a one time use or can you use them more than once?
    A: You can use our anti vibration pads for washing machine more than once
  • waterproof?? (B***** w*****) 01/16/2023
    Q: Are these waterproof?
    A: Yes, there is no problem in contact with water.
  • zz (J***** l*****) 01/16/2023
    Q: could this work to make my fridge any quieter?
    A: Yes, you can use it in your different machines such as refrigerators.
  • bed & couches (H***** m*****) 01/17/2023
    Q: Does this work for bed & couches?
    A: Of course you can use it, but the primary purpose of this product is vibration-generating machines.
  • ww (G***** m*****) 01/17/2023
    Q: What material is this?
    A: It is a mixture of moblen and elastomer.
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