Truck Delivery Requirements


What is Considered Truck Delivery?

Please review the conditions below to ensure a successful delivery.

Accepting Your Truck Delivery

Someone over the age of 18 must be present to sign for your delivery. Also, please note that once your delivery is schedule and confirmed, if you are not home to accept the delivery, you will be responsible for all shipping, storage, and manufacturer charges (Cancellation & Restocking fees).

While the delivery person is present AND prior to signing for delivery: 

  • Open and Inspect the item(s).
  • For any damage (even minimal), write "Package Damaged: on the delivery form.
  • Take photos of the damaged package immediately to report any defects or damages and send it to info@vanitysale.com

For all deliveries:

  • Street access must be at least 10 feet wide
  • There can be no vehicle weight restrictions on the roads leading to your home
  • Overhead street clearance must be at least 14 feet high

Additional charges and fees may apply for circumstances outside of the parameters listed above, including but not limited to narrow or gravel driveways; narrow, tight or irregular spaces and corners; gated communities.

Returning Truck Delivery Questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If your question is not listed there, send us e-mail at info@vanitysale.com

Additional Information

VanitySale reserves the right to hold any order for a security review. If your order is affected, you will be notified within two business days.

VanitySale is not responsible for loss or damage to items occurring after delivery by the carrier to you.