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Damages & Refusing a Freight Shipment

If the shipment is damaged and unusable, it may be necessary to refuse part or all of the order. Call us at (800) 668-6944 before refusing any shipment. Vanitysale.com will assist in filing a freight claim for damaged freight if the carrier is our normal in-house carrier. If the carrier or pick-up store was chosen by the buyer then it will be the responsibility of the buyer to file such a claim. Should a shipment arrive with damages caused by the carrier, the carrier will return the merchandise "Dead Head" at no cost to either party.

Any external evidence of loss or damage that occurred during transit is considered visible loss or damage and must be noted on the bill of lading and signed by the carrier's agent (driver). Failure to adequately describe the visible loss or damage could result in the carrier delaying or refusing to honor the freight claim.

Any damage that occurred during transit that was not visible at the time of delivery is considered concealed loss or damage. Due to rough handling in transit it is possible to damage the contents of a container without damaging the container itself. If such a situation occurs it is important to contact us immediately for instructions on how to handle the claim. Please do not file a claim with the freight company yourself - if they deny your claim we have no recourse with them and thus cannot replace anything that is damaged. If a claim is to be filed it is important to save the container that the damaged merchandise arrived in. At least five clear pictures are to be mailed or e-mailed to customer service immediately at info@vanitysale.com. You must open all received boxes and inspect products for concealed damage within 7 calendar days (5 business days) of delivery and vanitysale.com must be notified at that time. After this time frame claims may not be honored.


Vanitysale.com is only responsible (under the "Free Shipping" policy) for curbside delivery. Modern Bathroom will pay the basic delivery charges to the curb, and the residential delivery charge (assessed by all carriers) only. If other services, such as in-home delivery services are requested by the customer and billed to vanitysale.com, all such fees shall then be re-billed to your credit card. 

If the freight carrier is unable to deliver the freight due to problems with contacting you or setting up delivery appointments, storage fees may be assessed by the carrier – in such case all storage fees are the responsibility of the customer and shall be billed to your credit card. Any additional freight carrier's fees such as re-delivery, special notification, storage due to lack of response to appointment requests, returns due to lack of response and lift-gate services, are the responsibility of the customer (unless otherwise noted on your order). The customer is also responsible for additional charges caused by a change of address without notification in the required amount of time (7 days prior to delivery).