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    Vanity is undoubtedly an important part of your bathroom because it enhances the functionality and visual appeal.

    When you add the right vanity, it will add to your bathroom decor and will make it warm and welcoming. At the same time, it doubles up as a convenient place to store your towels and toiletries. A good vanity will complement your porcelain sink, bathtub or shower cabin. All of these products will help you to have the bathroom in your dreams. If the budget is something you constantly worry about fear no more. Vanity Sale has weekly products where you can find the best prices for bathroom hardware. For great prices and top-quality bathroom hardware keep track of our weekly products update

    Every Size You Can Imagine

    One of the first aspects to consider is vanity’s size. This depends on how spacious your bathroom is and the space available for a vanity. For example, if you have a large bathroom and a big tub in the center of it, the space available for vanity will be less. On the other hand, a small bathroom with a compact walk-in shower will give more space for vanity.

    So, keep the dimensions of your bathroom and the available space in mind while choosing a vanity.

    Different Mounting Type Choices

    Vanities come in many types, with some of the broad choices being freestanding, floating, and corner.

    Out of the three, freestanding is the most popular. Though these vanities are secured to the wall for additional support, much of its weight is supported by its legs that stand firmly on the ground. Hence, freestanding vanities are durable, large, and versatile.

    Floating or wall-mounted vanities are the second-most-popular ones, and they are fixed to the wall for support and stability. They seem like they float as there is considerable space between the mount and the floor. The biggest advantage of these vanities is that they are easy to clean.

    Finally, corner vanities are ideal for small spaces and corners as they offer flexible layouts and considerable storage. You can find them among our vanity sale weekly products.

    Top-quality Materials for Your Bathroom

    The next aspect that goes into your buying choice is the materials. Wood is the most used and presumably the most durable material as well. These wooden vanities add another layer of warmth and appeal to your decor. Since they are also highly durable, wood is a popular choice.

    Natural stone is another good choice as they are elegant and give a luxurious feel to space. From granite to marble, your choices galore, as each type provides a unique look and feel to your bathroom.

    Ceramic is a durable and easy-to-clean choice, and it comes in many colors to suit any decor. They are moisture-resistant as well.

    Budget-Friendly Selection

    An important aspect that goes into buying every product is cost. Most people start with a budget in mind and look to buy the vanity of their choice within this budget.

    Though this may seem overwhelming at first, places like Vanity Sale make it easy given that they have weekly products and deep discounts on them, so you’re sure to find the vanity you want at the most affordable rate.

    You can even stay on top of the weekly products update and regularly scour the Vanity Sale weekly products page to find that perfect product.