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Floor Tiles

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Floor Tiles

Floor tiles play an important role in the design of your home. The set the desired ambiance, influencing the general atmosphere in the house. When we design or redesign our house, we should start with the floors, which are the “pièce de résistance for any décor. At some point, all of us face the same dilemma: should I choose the carpet floor or wood floor? Tile or vinyl floors? We are here to present to you some benefits of choosing tiles and to explain to you why this choice could be the most suitable for your house.

All floors have particular advantages and disadvantages, but looking at the big picture, and comparing the benefits of all types of floors, people prefer to buy floor tiles. Fairly enough, since they are affordable, attractive, they are easy to clean and to install and they can have a great design. Here are some benefits to installing tiles in your home. At VanitySale you can find plenty of elements for your house, such as cabinets, pieces of furniture, sinks, floors and many others.

Durability and low maintenance

Tiles are very resilient in terms of wear, staining, scratches and strikes. That is why high-traffic areas are always designed with tiles. Because of the great durability, you do not need to worry about maintaining the tiles and keeping them in good shape. At VanitySale you can choose from a large variety of high-quality floor tiles, in order to make your home the way you have always dreamt: stylish, cheap, and easy to maintain.     


Tiles are very cost-effective, being among the cheapest types of flooring available on the market. It is hard to believe that high quality goes hand in hand with affordability, but this is how tile flooring works. Depending on the design and the materials used in producing the tiles, the flooring can vary in terms of price. However, tiles worth every penny, when it comes to longevity, low maintenance, and ease of installing. Visit our website and choose the most suitable cheap floor tiles from our rich portfolio. 

  Eco-Friendly Flooring for Your House

The eco-friendly stuff has become a trend nowadays and a real necessity. People are talking about eco-friendly food, vehicles, or clothes. Why not having eco-friendly tiles in your house as well? The tiles are usually made of raw materials, such as sand, clay, and glass, which get combined with many other recycled materials. More than this, almost all floor tiles for sale can affect your environment and your bills, by keeping your home warm in the cold season and cool in the hot summer days. Tiles are like temperature regulators.

The Water-Resistant Friend of Your Home

Compared to wood flooring, tiles are water-resistant and they give the security that you will not face problems such as flooding your downstairs neighbor or having your floor inflated because of the humidity. Tiles, especially ceramic ones, have a glazed layer on the surface, which offers them an impervious effect on water penetration and stain damage. That is why we always use tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. Visit our website to see all the beautiful tiles we have available. There are tens of different designs, from plain and simple colors too much complicated and artistic designs. You can buy cheap floor tiles for every room in your house, and set the perfect ambiance with our most wanted models.

VanitySale is the perfect source of furnishing elements, as well as functional items. We are number one among home furnishing, in terms of quality, affordability, design, and variety of models.