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Towel Bars

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    Towel Bars

    Bathroom towel bars were once a luxury symbol. You would only find it in high-end spaces. But now they became more common, because of the accessibility and affordable prices. They are functional in maximizing spaces allowing you to hang two towels on the same bar without overlapping making your towels dry better.

    Towel bars sync well with modern home designs. Also, fit well in kitchens to hold your towels. Bar towels are generally easy to install. They hold up well and won't rust or discolor with time. Their sturdy quality makes them ideal for any bathroom. And the best choice for people who want to manage their bathroom space.

    The good news is they come in different styles, sizes, and colors. If you repainted your home recently, finding a brushed nickel towel bar wouldn't be that hard. And they are mostly made from mild steel or aluminum. The difference is slight, but aluminum towel bars are in the trend now. Let's cover the basics to help you navigate your options. So, which style is the best fit for your home? As we mentioned earlier, the options are many. And finding a brass nickel chrome towel bar that complements your bathroom is the challenge. You have to consider your overall home décor and match it.

    Great For A Contemporary Look

    If your home has a contemporary look and you're looking for a cheap towel bar to complement it. Going with a clean and smooth shape is your best choice. They will bring out the contemporary design and make a bold statement. A wall-mounted brass nickel chrome towel bar is your ideal choice.

    For the Fans of the Traditional Style

    For a more traditional feel, the bronze towel bar is your style and an excellent choice for your bathroom. They give a feeling of order, consistency, and bring out other details in your bathroom walls, especially if you have a floral pattern.If you want to mix a traditional style with a masculine air you might want to check out chrome towel bars too, these towel bars are perfect for an eclectic look. The chrome towel bars are also great to use with travertine mosaics on the walls.

    Towel Bars for The Classic Bathrooms

    If you're into the classic design, you would prefer a minimalistic style. Your space would reflect a harmonious vibe. In other words, balance, symmetry is the core of all your choices. On that note, dark color with a sleek design is your best choice of towel bars because it reflects elegance.

    Urban Design for A Dynamic Style

    Chrome towel bars are the right fit for urban design homes. They complement the open-space feel. This type of style is perfect for large size homes, like apartment flats. They will make your space feel more cozy and warm. This type will do your urban design justice.

    For Those Who Avoids Excessive Style

    With a modern design style, you can't go wrong with plain colors like white and black. Those colors will balance out your entire layout. Because with this type of design, you should avoid excessive decoration and accessories. Less is more in this situation. And it will make your small space look bigger. You can also buy gold towel bars for an art deco look.

    These are the most common décor designs. And our best picks for towel bars that fit them. You can visit our site for more price information, towel bar sets, and cheap towel bars.