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Wall Tiles

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Wall Tiles

If you intend to design your house in an original manner and give it a sense of modernity and unicity, you should take into consideration wall tiles. They are elements of the new trend, which elevate the interior atmosphere of every house and offer it a very new perspective in the matter of design. Tiles are most commonly used for flooring, but the recent trends have rebranded tiles as a “piece of resistance” of wall decoration. As soon as tiles started climbing the wall, they also got a reputation as elevated design elements.

What you need to know about tiles

Tiles come in many colors, patterns, textures, sizes, and materials, which make them a very versatile element for wall decoration when you want to be creative. Here is some more information if you want to buy wall tiles cheap, as well as some décor ideas.

  • The difference between wall and floor tiles stays in weight and durability. Tiles you put on the wall should be light, to resist better against the force of gravitation. Their durability is lower compared to floor tiles since floors are more exposed to damage and usage.
  • You do not have to use the same patters for walls and floors. Try to be creative and play with different models, but keep the same style and colors from the same palette. Search for styles that work for both areas. At VanitySale, it is time for you to take design ideas to the next level when you buy wall tiles online. On our website, you will find many options that complement each other, and which will take the design of your house to the upper levels.
  • You do not need to take into consideration only traditional tiles, which are mostly made of stone, ceramic, and porcelain. Today, the tile gamma is very various, which includes tiles made of glass, steel, wood, mirror, or copper. These are much more fashionable and can match with almost every other piece of design in your house.
  • The biggest advantage of these tiles is that they can be cut in any size, which gives you greater control in terms of creativity. Visit our website to choose from a great variety of cheap wall tiles online. You can use a single or more style cut in unusual forms, such as spirals, herringbone, and geometric patterns.
  • You can create an optical illusion. The tiles that start on the floor and climb on the walls trick the eye into making a very small place to look more spacious. Tiling your fireplace may be a very good idea, especially if you do it from hearth to ceiling. The fireplace will look bigger and more dramatic. You can opt for light color tones, but made of different materials and textures, for smooth transitions and a seamless design. Stop wasting your time and visit our website for the best options for wall tiles online.

The latest tiling style

Nowadays, people prefer either mosaic patters or very simple designs. It is less uncommon that they situate in the middle of these two options. Generally, people prefer to go for simple and neat designs, so they can adapt the tiles to every piece of furniture or décor. At VanitySale we have tiles available in every possible color and pattern. It is a pleasure for the creative ones to make combinations of the options available. We invite you to check the wall tile sales online and purchase the ones, which represent your house better. Our tiles respect the highest quality standards, as well as the latest trends in terms of interior design.