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Pool & Beach Towels

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    Pool & Beach Towels

    Going to the pool or beach is a fun experience for people of all ages, and everyone looks forward to it. You can make these happy moments even more special by choosing the best pool towels and beach towels. This brings up the next question of how you can choose the best towels, and that’s exactly what we’ll see now.

    Soft Towels for the Beach

    The common perception of pool towels is that it is rough to dry off quickly. But that’s not necessarily true because many times, these towels even double up as blankets for small children, and possibly even for adults.

    If you’re planning to spend a few hours at the beach, you’ll need the right towels to keep you warm and comfortable, so choose a towel that has a soft feel to it. You may also want to sit or sleep on it and wouldn’t really want a rough surface that would make it uncomfortable.

    Absorbent and Practical Options

    The whole idea of buying a towel is to dry the water off your body, so make sure the towel is reasonably thick and absorbent. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be heavy as carrying it around might become difficult.

    Moderately thick towels made of fine quality fibers are great for thoroughly drying oneself after a dip in the cool waters. And you sure don’t want something too heavy if you’re also planning to carry other things like a picnic basket, change of clothes, and more.

    Large Enough for the Whole Family

    You sure want large towels to cover the bodies of young children comfortably. So, opt for large Turkish beach towels that are known for their big size and soft material. These are likely to meet all your requirements for an excellent beach towel, as you can sit, relax, and even sleep on them. Overall, a perfect fit for every need!

    Brilliant Design and Colors

    The best beach towels come in different colors and patterns, so feel free to buy what you like. If you’re buying for children, you can consider having their favorite cartoon characters in it. For men and women, go with their favorite colors and patterns.

    That said, experts recommend going with mild colors and avoiding dark colors like brown or black as they tend to absorb more heat, which can make it uncomfortable if you plan to sit or sleep on it.

    Cost-Effective Alternatives

    Cost is another important factor, especially if you plan to buy more than one towel. You’d want to buy a towel that is large, soft, absorbent, colorful, and at the same, not too expensive. In other words, you want good value for your money while buying towels.

    The good news is Vanity Sale has many clearance beach towels that give the best of everything you need. You can also check out their cheap beach towels on sale as these are great deals that will give a big bang for your money. Make sure to check out their offerings as you’ll fall in love with their designs.