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Herringbone - Chevron Tiles

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    Herringbone-Chevron Tiles

    When it comes to home remodeling, there are many things to consider. The room color, vibe, and décor. Without forgetting to mention the style, is it contemporary, classic, or traditional? But one thing we're confident in. Is that herringbone floor tile will have a place in your traditional home style.

    If you were shopping for herringbone tiles and saw a similar pattern tile, you were told it was Chevron; you’re not the only one. Chevron and herringbone might look very identical in the first impression. But there are some differences we will highlight here. And this will guide you to pick the best material for your home.

    Herringbone vs. Chevron Tiles

    Let's start with the herringbone. You can tell it is a herringbone if you see plank pieces of rectangle arranged in a staggered zigzag pattern. The rectangles cut each other and don't meet at a single point. And this creates a beautiful broken zigzag pattern. The end cut of the rectangle planks is left at a 90-degree angle.

    The Chevron pattern looks like an inverted V-shape. The zigzag patterns meet in a single point without breaking the pattern. The result is a seamless chevron zigzag pattern that's popular for bathroom tiling. Also, the ends are cut at a 45-degree angle.

    Main Differences Between Chevron vs. Herringbone Floors

    The key differences between the two types of tiles are as follows:

    • The end cut of chevron planks is 45 degrees. And no broken zigzag patterns.
    • Tile planks with herringbone pattern are cut at 90 degrees and broken zigzag patterns.
    • With chevron tiles, the zigzag pattern meets at a single point.
    • With herringbone tiles, the zigzag has a staggering pattern effect.

    Give Your Room an Optical Illusion.

    You must consider your room dimension before deciding to choose a particular tile. And depending on how spacious your room is or the result you're trying to achieve, picking chevron or herringbone tiles matters.

    If you are working with a small dimension room, then herringbone tiles will give optical effects making the room look smaller. But if you pick chevron tiles, it will give your room a spacious optical illusion because chevron patterns will direct the eyes from one end to another in an even flow.

    But if you absolutely adore herringbone and you want to install them but still aim for a spacious effect, start the tiling from the corner of the room, following the zigzag pattern all across the floor. That will give a slight optical effect to the room, thus making it look more spacious.

    The Durability of the Tiles

    Nobody questions the durability of herringbone and chevron tiles. Rest assured! When installing herringbone tiles, the planks are pushed against each other. This method makes them locking each other and making no room for any plank to move. Chevron tiles, on the other hand, our top quality adhesives will hold the tiles firmly in their place, preventing any shift that could happen to the tiles.

    Now that you can tell the difference between marble herringbone tile or chevron tile. You're more prepared to make a decision. Visit our site Vanitysale.com for price information. And more chevron tile for sale options.