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PentaUSA Grout Removal Tool- Removing Caulks for Bathroom, Kitchen, Home (2 Extra Blades)

This Grout Removal Tool Tile Grout Scraper for Bathroom, Kitchen (2 Extra Blades ) is a perfect choice for removing grout in the kitchen and bathroom. It is a very useful tool that can help you to solve the problem of grouting in no time.

This Tile Grout Removal Tool is perfect for grouting between tiles and ceramic, marble, or stone surfaces. It is perfect for use in tile, ceramic, and stone showers, tubs, and floors.

2 EXTRA BLADES - Our grout removal tool comes with 2 extra blades made with stainless steel included.You can just replace the saw when it wears out. It is very easy to replace and it

NO DAMAGE TO YOUR TILES - Our uniquely designed stainless steel rustproof saw tips won’t cause any damage to your tiles. It won’t scratch your tiles when you use your grout remover tool.

PentaUSA Grout Removal Tool- Removing Caulks for Bathroom, Kitchen, Home (2 Extra Blades)

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PentaUSA Grout Removal Tool- Removing Caulks for Bathroom, Kitchen, Home (2 Extra Blades)

Our grout removal tool comes with rustproof dual saws which won’t cause any damage to your tiles. This is highly important because most grout removal tools may slip and easily damage your tiles. Unlike others, we designed our product to prevent such a thing.

- This grout scraper tool has an anti-slip handle for maximized safety and comfort

- After using this grout removing tool, we suggest you fill your tiles with our tile grout filler tubes. It will be much more effective and long-lasting. Your tiles will look brand new instantly!

- You don't have to get grout fillers to use this product. You can use it to just scrap out your old grouts, silicones, caulks

- Perfect for joints, corners, any tough spot! Thanks to its special design, you can use this grout scraper easily.

- Works well with most types of sealants, silicone, resins, grouts, etc. The caulking tools can be used in the home, kitchen, bathroom, tank, window, sink joint, and so on.

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Want to renew your kitchen? Start with your kitchen tiles! Mostly the grouts in your kitchen define how your kitchen looks. Use this grout removal tool in order to regrout your kitchen tiles and if you want, fill them with our grout tubes. It's very easy to use and highly effective
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