#1 Basketweave Tumbled Contemporary Marble Mosaic Tile
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Philadelphia Basketweave Mosaic Tumbled With Philadelphia Dot Travertine 12"x12"

1- USAGE AREAS You can easily use our tiles in your kitchen.

2- SAFE SHIPPING It is up to us to bring your cargo to you at any time.

3- EASY TO CLEAN It is difficult for our marble mosaic tiles to be contaminated due to the quality polishing material on their surfaces.

4- DIMENSIONS Our company can adjust the cheap marble mosaic you want according to the dimensions you want.

5- DESIGN OPTIONS There are different designs to suit everyone's taste.

Philadelphia Basketweave Mosaic Tumbled With Philadelphia Dot Travertine 12"x12"

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VANITY SALE Philadelphia Basketweave Mosaic Tumbled With Philadelphia Dot Travertine 12"x12"

Philadelphia Basketweave 12 X 12 Tumbled With Travertine Mosaic Is A Natural Stone. It Is Harmonious Even If It Consists Of Contrasting Colors. With The Harmony Of The Colors Of Gray, Blue, Cream And White. Philadelphia Is A Very Unique Stone With Much Higher Durability Than Other Natural Stones.


  • Why should we use ceramic products? First, the tiles are of good quality. It is an option that allows you to use solid materials as well as quality designs. Tiles are not easily scratched like wood. It is also resistant to cracks and distortions common in flooring options. The color variety is wide. Tiles of all colors are available. In this way, it becomes easier to decorate a certain area. For example, if you're designing a patio, light brown tones are ideal. It is easy to clean. To quickly disinfect the marble mosaic floor tiles, simply wipe them with a cloth with a little bleach. Also, using tiles helps to keep rooms clean and thus creates a pleasant environment for your home.

  • If they break, you can easily change the marble mosaic tiles and renew the floor. This is not a difficult task. It will be enough to replace the broken ones. We recommend that you do your research and consider the space when deciding how to furnish a space. A solid ground that is resistant to daily running is a must.

  • There are many aesthetic and practical advantages offered by cheap marble mosaic areas. Moreover, this flooring type, which is easy to install, is an economical option. In short, laying tiles on the floor will be the right decision for your home. As a company, we offer you ceramic varieties with years of experience. Ceramic production and marketing is a sensitive process that requires a wide perspective. The ceramic varieties we offer on our website are classified to cover all living spaces. You can easily select the product and place an order.

  • Since ceramic products with a gentle structure also require attention in transportation, our expert team will deliver your cargo to your address safely. For whatever reason, you can return or replace our products. We hope you reach elegant spaces created with basketweave marble mosaic tile with us ...

Product Mosaic
Finish Tumbled
Color - Color Dot None
Material Travertine
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size None
Operation None
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