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Arabescato Mosaic Polished Penny Round Tile 12"x12" (3/4" Chip Size)- Extra 10 off

DESIGN OPTIONS You can tell us a style you like.

REMARKABLE APPEARANCE Our polished marble mosaics are also striking with their elegance.

EASY TO CLEAN It is very easy to clean as well as quality.

CALCULATED DIMENSIONS You can make it square, oval or round shape.

LONG TERM USE Our marble natural stone mosaics are not easily broken

Arabescato Mosaic Polished Penny Round Tile 12"x12" (3/4" Chip Size)- Extra 10 off

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VANITY SALE Arabescato Mosaic Polished Penny Round 12"x12" (3/4" Chip Size)


Nowadays, due to the importance given to the visual integrity of decoration, enterprises have increased their tile types. These increases are significant for the person to create a comfortable home environment for himself and his family and to provide visual integrity. However, in addition to this, choosing the wrong product and choosing the wrong product will prevent the formation of comfortable and peaceful environments, no matter how much money is spent on behalf of material. Here are the points that you should be aware of in this situation, and you should be careful when choosing tiles:


“Although all marble mosaic floor models differ from business to business, the two important criteria in the products, the caliber and color tone, are specified in the information on the box.

If there is any problem with the product you have used before, the caliber and color tone is given to find the continuation of the product. If you buy a new tile for your home and use it, and if the calibrated and color tone specified as a label on the box you purchased is stored, you can supply the product again without any color tone and calibration distinction if the same product is needed. In addition, due to their visual aesthetics, most people prefer bright products when choosing marble natural stone mosaics.

As a company, we offer you all tile products in the form of designs in various colors and sizes as well as being of superior quality. Since tile is sensitive material, its transportation is carried out safely by our company. The products you want are delivered to your address in a short time and a return guarantee is given. We are waiting for you to decorate your living spaces with our cheap mosaic tiles with designs suitable for every budget.

Arabescato, one of the marble varieties of the Versilia region. The gray veins on the white background are covered with harmony and a hint of gold adding finesse to the beauty of this stone. The small white round and oval texture of the Arabescato, which is formed by gray veins over a white background is, its criteria to distinguish this marble from other white marble families. Arabescato is preferred for commercial and residential projects for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops; also available in varied sizes and mosaics. Therefore, it makes it more desirable choice for those projects that require soft neutral tones.

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