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PentaUSA Bathroom Accessories Set of 4 (Long Towel Rack)

What's Included: a long towel rack, a double hook hanger, Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Brush with Holder

Product Dımensions: Toilet Paper Holder: 8.8 ounces 2-) Towel Long Ring: 1 x 3.5 x 10 inches 3-) Toilet Brushes Holder: Height is 13,2”, Depth is 6,1” 4-) Double Towel Hooks: 4.6 ounces

Rust Proof Material: PENTA USA premium quality products are constructed of premium grade chrome, with added Chromium-Nickel content to protect against corrosion, rust and longevity. You can use it anywhere in your home.

Easy To Clean: The items in this set are simple to clean. When you dry with a damp cloth, you will be able to get rid of water stains.

Easy To Assemble: If you wish, you can install them in minutes with the strong adhesive supplied with the product. You can also choose screw-mounting with metal screws and anchors in the package.

PentaUSA Bathroom Accessories Set of 4 (Long Towel Rack)

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PentaUSA Bathroom Accessories Set of 4 (Long Towel Rack)

This set of bathroom accessories will be very useful in the bathroom. You will discover a double towel hanger for your little towels, a round towel holder for your large towels, a toilet brush, and finally a toilet paper holder in this set we have made for you.

This set will include all bathroom-related accessories. Your bathroom will have a new environment due to these chic goods.

The dimensions of our products are highly elegant and simple. This set's pieces are easy to clean. You will be able to get rid of water stains when you dry them with a damp cloth.

Instead of purchasing them separately, you might choose to get this collection of bathroom accessories. Because it's more convenient to get it and you'll save time and money on delivery.

You may use our products in your home for a very long time because they are constructed of incredibly high grade nickel.
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