#1 Bluewood Basketweave Mosaic Tile I Marble Tile
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Bluewood Basketweave Mosaic Limestone Honed Marble 12"x12" (Chip 182")

1- APEARANCE Whether you use our products in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or on the floor of your rooms, it is extremely visible.

2- SAFE SHIPPING The transportation of our quality products to you is also extremely safe.

3- CALCULATED DIMENSIONS We can prepare our tiles in a square, rectangular, or triangular shape.

4- REFUND IS FREE It is possible to return our products free of charge without any problems.

5- DESIGN OPTIONS We can make our tiles according to the size of your bonnet or kitchen.

Bluewood Basketweave Mosaic Limestone Honed Marble 12"x12" (Chip 182")

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VANITY SALE Bluewood Basketweave Mosaic Limestone Honed Marble 12"x12"



  • What are Tiles? It is the firing of the material resulting from the blending of the soil using various mixtures by giving a pattern after the pressing process. The wall covering material resulting from this process is called a marble mosaic floor. In terms of tile content, limestone, clay, quartz, kaolin and feldspar, and similar metals are formed by obtaining the raw material of the mud (tile) that is produced by mixing them in different proportions. The general name of the materials we call porcelain tile or ceramic is faience. Today, the major leading countries in the tile industry in Spain, Italy, and Turkey.

  • The tile models produced in the past were produced with simple flower patterns or very simple patterns resembling flower patterns on a white background. The pressed marble mosaic floor is given to the ovens after the glazing process and are ready to be baked. The Difference Between Ceramic and Tiles. Tiles are generally used for decoration as they have a smooth and even surface. It is more preferred in the kitchen and bathroom walls. Ceramics, on the other hand, have more diversity and a wide range of products, They may not be in the form of tiles as in tiles.

  • The way ceramics are produced, their details, and their appearance compared to tiles are different since they have a rough surface. Therefore, their colors are warmer and more sincere. For these reasons, we can say that ceramics are preferred for the floor coverings of indoor and outdoor spaces, and marble mosaic tile coating is preferred for the walls. As a company, we put our faience and ceramic products on our website by classifying them. You can easily choose the product according to your taste and order. Your orders will be delivered to your address as soon as possible. All our products have a return guarantee. We hope to create living spaces full of the beauty of ceramics and tiles together.
Product Mosaic
Finish Limestone Honed
Color - Color Dot None
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size None
Operation None
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