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Botticino Basketweave Mosaic Polished With Light Emprador Dot Marble 12"x12" (1"x2" Chip Size) - Extra 7% off

1- USAGE AREAS You can mount this marble mosaic tile border on the divider of your washroom or on the floor of your kitchen.

2- SAFE SHIPPING We carefully dispatch our quality tiles to you.

3- CALCULATED DIMENSIONS The measurements of our marble mosaic bathroom floors have been calculated and created in detail.

4- REFUND IS FREE You can quickly return the tiles simply have bought quickly.

5- DESIGN OPTIONS Add a modern fashion to your domestic with these solid items.

Botticino Basketweave Mosaic Polished With Light Emprador Dot Marble 12"x12" (1"x2" Chip Size) - Extra 7% off

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VANITY SALE Botticino Basketweave Mosaic Polished With Light Emperador Dot Marble 12"x12"

Botticino Basketweave 12 X 12 Polished With Light Emprador 1 X 2 Chip Size Mosaic Is A Beige Color Italian Marble With A Very Fine And Almost Pure Beige Color. It Has A Slightly Thin Gray Thread Running Along The Surface. Its Low Absorption Values Make This Marble Your First Choice.


Basketweave Marble Mosaic

  • Ceramic, in its simplest definition, means “soil fired at very high temperature”. The history of ceramics is as old as civilization. It is known that the first marble mosaic designs were produced in Anatolia in 6000 BC. The ceramic pieces obtained in the excavations in Çatalhöyük have reached the present day without deterioration for 8000 years. For archaeologists today, the most important sources of information about human history are ceramic finds. It is possible to obtain information about the lifestyles and cultures of past civilizations thanks to the writings, pictures, and symbols on the ceramics that have survived thousands of centuries.

  •  Ceramics are materials used today as medical supplies and in various industrial designs and industrial services. High-temperature strength and hardness, resistance to corrosion, and fatigue resistance. Because of these properties, they are used in applications where wear is effective. In addition, there are various types such as building ceramics, home appliance ceramics, electrical electronic ceramics, abrasive ceramics, bio nuclear ceramics, mechanical marble mosaic bathroom floor, spacecraft ceramics, superconducting ceramics. Tens of thousands of new residences and workplaces are built in our country every year. Ceramic material, on the other hand, finds its place in almost all of these structures. Here item by item The uses of ceramics.

  • Ceramic material is used in building floor halls and stairs. It is used in areas such as corridor floor, bathroom floor, and wall, toilet floor wall, kitchen floor wall and balcony between countertops. As a company, we have specialized in marble mosaic tile border types that can be used in all construction areas. You can reach many designs related to ceramic materials from our website and our dealers. With the help of product codes, you can easily search for the most suitable material for your budget and taste on our site and place your orders. Your cargo will be delivered to your address safely in a short time. Products that you do not like or defective are guaranteed for return.
Product Mosaic
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot Light Emperador
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size 1"x2"
Operation None
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