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Bathtubs & Showers

Taking a warm shower could be the most relaxing and relieving way to end your day. But choosing a bathtub could be the most stressful decision. A lot of consideration goes into choosing the best bathtub for your bathroom. Two factors will largely influence your decision, how much space you have? We understand you want to skip the research and budgeting phase and go straight to the fun part: Installing your new bathtub in shower. Is your idea more towards a sophisticated tub with whirlpool jets? or you're a person who prefers the soaking tub? How you use your tub isn't the only factor. We will go over some of the essential factors to choose the best suitable bathtub showers.

Choosing the Bathtub Shower: Bathroom Style

When it comes to style, the options are many. But you might find space and the bathtub material the most significant. You might want an oval shape tub or freestanding. But your bathroom space might respectfully disagree. Also, the material of the tub will influence your decision. Both the style and material of the tub should complement the bathroom. Certain materials are made to work with a specific style, like tubs made from copper or natural stone.

While sifting through cheap bathtubs, you will encounter the oval tubs to be the most popular. They are more common to find in classically designed homes. A great option if space is a challenge for you. They fit well in apartments, and they have a modern look. Clawfoot tubs are more on the vintage spectrum. It has that Victorian period feel. A freestanding bathtub like clawfoot is still popular and fits well in small spaces.

The Bathtub Materials

Every material feels different to the touch than the other. You must understand which material you feel most comfortable with. Just because you will spend relaxing times in the shower, get a material you like. Bear in mind with high comfort comes a high price tag. Also, the most comfortable materials are heavier. You should consider how your bathroom can handle it. The porcelain bathtub is known for its durability. Its durability prevents it from deteriorating over time. But the porcelain coating is fragile to heavy impacts. Dropping objects on it will leave a mark. Another option is fiberglass, which is considered the cheapest material one can find in the market. It is made from reinforced plastic sheets, then molded to the desired tub shape. This material is durable but known for absorbing water.

Bathtub Installation

The installation of bathtubs highly depends on the type of tub. Alcove is usually easier to install than freestanding or bathtub shower combos because they need extra plumbing work or will need to install bathtub shower doors. Also, the tub material, is it heavy or light? It will affect the installation time. It is better to hire a professional to do the job for you.

These are some essential points to consider for your next bathtub. Looking for bathtubs for sale? Check our site VanitySale for more options like portable bathtubs.

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