Bathroom Vanity Top Materials
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Bathroom Vanity Top Materials

How to end up with the best material for a bathroom vanity top?

Bathroom countertops have come a long way. While resin-soaked and lackluster loo-style ones were your only options years ago, now things are looking up. Thanks to the diversity of modern bathroom countertop material choices, you can easily shop around to get the best for your place.

Below, we cover the all-time popular materials that are both long-lasting and good-looking. Each of them can make bathrooms complete. Read on to be well up on which one blends well with yours.

Natural stone countertop materials

Natural stone tops will fit your bathroom, whether it’s set to be in a chic contemporary or modest classic style. That’s probably one of the most prominent features that such top-rated materials as marble, granite, and travertine share.

Let’s put each of these under the microscope:

  • Marble. With this stone, your bathroom is destined to cultivate a sense of royal grandeur. Marble vanity tops make the pinnacle of luxury in single-slab designs with unique veining. This look isn’t going to be affected in everyday use as it resists heat, dents, and similar impacts. For all that, though, you’ll have to open your wallet a bit wider than for other countertop materials.
  • Granite. There are many reasons why granite tops the list of the best vanity surface options. Its less porous surface retains the marble-like charm, yet without that price tag. It also rocks with its exceptional durability and resistance to splashes and scratches. When properly sealed, granite lasts a lifetime, which is something very few bathroom vanity top materials can vouch for.
  • Travertine. Less common but still decent, this variety of limestone gets you wowed with its aesthetic appeal. Similar to marble and granite, it features inimitable patterns in a wide spectrum of hues. However, travertine vanity tops may fall victim to acids and stains if you turn your back on sealing.

Laminate – The most affordable option

Of all cheap bathroom countertop materials, this one is the most multifaceted. Depending on the preferred style, you can go for laminate cabinets that mimic natural stone, stainless steel, and even wood. They’re easy to personalize in a range of patterns, while the boards can be custom-cut to fit the smallest bathrooms.

With multiple plastic layers bonded at the core, laminate vanity tops stand up to stains and water. Also, you won’t be bothered with the upkeep because caring for the material is a breeze. But beware that it’s lightweight and thus at risk of being dented under severe physical impacts.

Glass – The gorgeous bathroom countertop material choice

For a sophisticated remodel, glass vanity tops will fit the bill. They have recently come into vogue as the coveted additions to eclectic and beach-style bathrooms, although they look great in modern ones. All credit goes to the airy feel they offer.

Compared to other types of bathroom countertop materials, the glass surface is quite susceptible to fingermarks and chips. It’s non-porous and chemical-resistant, though, so no water can ruin it from the inside. Still, an anti-scratch coating is a necessity.

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