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Glass Vanity Tops

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    Glass Vanity Tops

    Bathroom vanity tops or countertops are crucial in bathroom design, the same way kitchen counters are indispensable when you cook. They provide both a functional work surface and a spare piece for accessories and decorations. The glass top vanity is considered the right bathroom countertop, as it blends perfectly the aesthetics and durability, which are sufficient to make your bathroom the perfect place in your house.

    There are lots of materials you can choose to decorate your bathroom, especially when it comes to vanity tops. At Vanity Sale, you will find plenty of choices, such as concrete, natural stone, marble, tile, and glass. Decorating your bathroom is a matter of finding out what suits your personality better and what items can give you good service for many years. The glass top bathroom vanity can be the perfect choice in terms of design, resistance, and eco-friendliness. Thinking about the challenges that people throw at their vanity tops, it is easy to understand that they should be both beautiful and durable. Here are some reasons why glass top vanity is the right choice for your bathroom.

    Advantages of glass vanity tops

    There are many pros related to glass countertops. Generally, glass is appreciated for its durability, style, and low maintenance. They are non-porous compared to natural stone for instance and they are easy to clean and to maintain. Moreover, the vanity glass tabletop is not sensitive to chemicals like other materials, such as wood. Using glass cleaner or a little vinegar diluted in water should be sufficient for making the glass shiny. Regarding design, you can never fail with a glass vanity top. The glass manufacturing process behind Vanity Sale makes each glass top vanity set truly unique. No one will have a bathroom like yours! You can choose custom-made or pre-fabricated vanity tops with a variety of textures and colors.

    Disadvantages of glass vanity tops

    Like any other material, glass has its own downs. However, compering its disadvantages with other materials looks like the vanity glass tabletop is the winner regarding many aspects. The price can be considered a disadvantage, as the glass vanity tops tend to be more expensive than other materials. However, this investment worth all the money! Another disadvantage is related to staining. Glass does not hive very well stains, fingerprints or other product marks. You may need to clean it very often with a special glass chemical. Not really a disadvantage, right? The third con depends on the quality of the glass. If you do not choose high-quality materials, your glass top vanity may get cracked.

    Glass vanity tops are perfect for those who care about nature and would like to have some “green” items in their bathroom. Glass vanity top manufacturers use recyclable materials to produce the glass. In addition, our vanity tops are made of natural and sophisticated glass, and they are designed with easy-maintenance and modern materials. All glass pieces have an amazing finish, which will enhance the design of any space, especially when it comes to bathrooms.