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Atlanta 39" Wall-Mounted Oak Linen Cabinet for Bathroom Storage

Pre-assembled, oak-colored side cabinet crafted from top-grade MDF, equipped with an adjustable shelf and soft-closing double doors.

Frameless mirrored doors provide versatile viewing angles.

Upgrade your bathroom experience with our stylish and practical side cabinet. Order today!

Atlanta 39" Wall-Mounted Oak Linen Cabinet for Bathroom Storage

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$866.63 $432.05 PIECE
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Boost your bathroom's functionality with the Atlanta oak bathroom side cabinet, a durable and versatile storage solution. This pre-assembled, wall-mounted cabinet provides ample storage for toiletries, towels, and other essentials. Whether you're a growing family needing space for baby bath toys or an individual requiring extra room for personal care items, our side cabinet is a perfect fit.

The light oak finish enhances your bathroom's aesthetics, providing a natural and cheerful touch. Unlike ordinary cabinets, this one adds character with its high gloss finish. With dimensions of 39" wide, 28" tall, and 7" deep, it's a perfect size - not too big to make your bathroom feel crowded, yet spacious enough for your storage needs.

Experience the unique, adjustable design of our bathroom wall storage shelves. The single door design simplifies access while the adjustable shelves cater to your personalized storage needs. Whether it's a larger space for fluffy towels or a smaller one for dental supplies, adjust the shelves to suit your preference.

Quality and durability are guaranteed with our bathroom side cabinet, a reliable addition to your daily routine. Our goal is to provide you with affordable, long-lasting furniture that simplifies your life.

The pre-assembled cabinet eliminates the hassle of assembly, providing a stress-free setup experience.

Consider gifting our versatile storage cabinet for house-warming parties, baby showers, or weddings. It's a practical solution to help new homeowners or couples manage their space more efficiently.

Take control of your space with our Atlanta oak bathroom side cabinet, an affordable and stylish way to enhance storage in bathrooms, half baths, and powder rooms. Click here to add this practical, beautiful piece to your bathroom today!
Side Cabinet Material Matte Panel (mdf)
Side Cabinet Width 39" W
Side Cabinet Height 28"H
Side Cabinet Depth 7"D
Side Cabinet Color Oak
Side Cabinet Finish High Glossy
Side Cabinet Operation One Door and Adjustable Shelves
  • Status of order (S***** S*****) 08/19/2020
    Q: When I placed this order it said it would arrive on August 23rd. I have received no notifications telling me this is still the case. I was wondering what is happening with my order?
    A: closed.
  • Order Status (J***** D*****) 09/11/2020
    Q: Has the product been shipped yet?
    A: Thank you for contacting us! Your order is in preparation and a tracking number will be sent to you as soon as possible. Please wait for news from us! Thank you for choosing us & Stay Safe!
  • When will my item ship? (M***** M*****) 09/20/2020
    Q: My vanity I purchased says that it is preparing and has been on that status for over a week when can I expect it to ship?
    A: Hello Megan, We already shipped your order. Thank you.
  • Status (J***** D*****) 09/24/2020
    Q: What is the status of the order #301445 it has been 90+ days now.
  • Order status (J***** D*****) 09/25/2020
    Q: Order is 90+ days out now, what is status???
    A: We are sorry to let you know that we are out of stock and we have to make it in our factory again which will take over 45 days because of the COVID 19, that is why we refund it your money back to your account. we are very sorry for the incontinence
  • Broken pieces on delivery (M***** M*****) 09/30/2020
    Q: Hello I just received my vanity and two pieces were damaged in delivery. Can you please replace those pieces instead of having to ship the whole vanity back. I didn’t want to reject the shipment because I thought it would be much easier just replacing the pieces. I called and emailed the number but I haven’t heard back yet and just want to make sure I did the right thing by not rejecting the order. I have pictures and also was noted on delivery slip.
    A: Hello We are very sorry to hear that we will take care of it right away at the same time, we just open a claim with UPS. Thank you we are sorry for the inconvenience
  • When will I receive (S***** L*****) 10/11/2020
    Q: When will I receive this order? Also shipping should be free but I was charged 330. Thanks
    A: your item almost finished, we will ship it in 10 days. II believe you didn't use the code for free shipment but we will honor the coupon anyway
  • Shipping info (S***** L*****) 11/02/2020
    Q: Hello- just wanted to confirm that this was shipped? I don’t have a tracking number yet. I was told it would ship on 10/23? Also I appreciate you honoring the free shipping, I tried entering the code but it wasn’t working. When should we see a credit for that? Thanks so much!
  • Update (V***** W*****) 12/01/2020
    Q: This product listed that it was available for immediate shipping, I ordered it on November 10, what is the status of the order?
    A: Hello It was our mistake, We are very sorry. On the system, 72inch was an available instant of 60 inches. We already made your vanity yesterday painted has been finished and it ships from Turkey and it will be here in 25 days, Again we are very sorry for the delay. When we received it we will ship it to you right away. It looks like you will have it by the end of the month. Please let us know if it works for you. We would like to give you an extra 10% off for the trouble we cause. Thank you again We are very sorry again for the inconvenience. Happy Holiday.
  • Status of order (C***** B*****) 01/26/2021
    Q: I am really confused regarding the status of the delivery of the second vanity. Would someone please explain what is the status of the delivery as i need to update the contractors doing the bathroom remodel. I was told it was at warehouse and needed to be painted. then told it was being delivered by freight company and freight company was waiting to be paid. now being told the status is cargo...... Is the vanity stateside and when can I expect delivery?
    A: Hello, At the end of this month, our ship is coming to the NY Port. We will deliver it immediately after it arrives. We wish you a nice day.
  • When will this ship? (K***** S*****) 01/26/2021
    Q: Hi, Do you know about when this item is supposed to ship out? Thank you, Karina
    A: Hello, Currently under construction, in production at the factory. The exit will be made on March 15. You will have it by the standard delivery date. I wish you a good day.
  • Hasn't been delivered (R***** B*****) 02/01/2021
    Q: Hi I was told a few weeks ago I would have my second vanity by last week and haven't. I haven't received and tracking information and can't contact anyone now over the phone. Can someone call me/ 850-375-3933
    A: Hello Sir, Your second vanity just came in Ny port from our factory and will be ship on 2/8/2020. Sorry about that, we will send you the tracking number. Thank you for your patience. Have a good day

    I really need this. I have been given different dates several times and need it installed.
    I really need this. I have been given different dates several times and need it installed.
    I really need this. I have been given different dates several times and need it installed.
  • Ronni Kadian (R***** K*****) 02/01/2021
    Q: I haven't been able to find out where my sink is after many months of waiting. Please email or call me with information such as tracking info or when I should receive it. I have called many times and no one answers your phone. Please update the information regarding my order asap.
    A: Hi. Sorry, the item you ordered just came defective one. so we will have to bring the product again. And it will come at the end of March. Therefore, if you want to use the product you have, we can refund you 60%. Because we do not want to send you a defective product and don't want you don't wait. Believe us, sorry really about that.
  • Product arrival time (Y***** M*****) 02/02/2021
    Q: When I will received my product. Last person I spoke mention a week and another week is gone with no product. From 45 days to 5 months is a very long time. Thanks Yessenia
    A: Hello, We apologize for your delay. We feel very embarrassed because of this grievance. All our products were delayed due to the virus. Our ship has arrived at NY Port. After arriving at our warehouse, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible. We apologize again and we will provide the product to you as soon as possible. Will have reached the next week.
  • Ronni Kadian (R***** K*****) 02/03/2021
    Q: The incorrect sink you delivered to me will not work. Please refund me the entire amount. The sink is needed immediately so I will order from another source. I paid in full on Pay Pal $783.99 Please email me once you credit my account. kadian@comcast.net Thanks.
  • Ronni Kadian (R***** K*****) 02/03/2021
    Q: Could you please call me ? I see the sink could be sent in February from your website. It says it will ship directly to me. Are those dates accurate or no?
  • Shipping date estimate (S***** M*****) 02/06/2021
    Q: What is the estimated shipping date?
    A: Hello, Good morning, We will deliver your product to you at the standard delivery date. So until March 22, 2021. The item has been completed in our factory. It will ship from the factory to the New York port on February 15, the estimated New York arrival date is March 10, and then it will take 3-4 days to arrive at you. Have a good weekend.
  • Chris Carroll (C***** C*****) 03/11/2021
    Q: Delivery Date Shipping?
    A: Hello, This going to be shipped on Tuesday. Thank you
  • Ronni Kadian (R***** K*****) 03/12/2021
    Q: I have not received my refund. When will it be credited?
    A: Hello Ronni, We are working with the Strip like the paypall, we finished the process, We guess it is going to take in a few days,.Thank you
  • Ronni (R***** K*****) 03/23/2021
    Q: We are now 3 weeks since I cancelled the order and you still haven't credited me. That is simply unacceptable. Please resolve this problem promptly.
    A: Hello Ronni, You are right, sorry about that. you have it in a few days. Have a nice night.
  • Ronni (R***** K*****) 03/30/2021
    Q: After our chat about a refund, nothing has come through on my credit card as you stated you would do. I have passed along all this information to my attorney because you have delayed my refund for an entire month.
    A: Hello Ronni, We already did it last 4 days ago and checked our bank account.CORPORATE ACH ST-E1F8W8R8T7E4 STRIPE TRANSFER - $405.60 Could you please check your bank account again? Many thanks
  • Didn't receive item (T***** T*****) 11/15/2021
    Q: I was told by your respresentatives that the order will arrive by November 15 at my house. I have not received it and see the status is still preparing. Please give me a call to discuss this further. 916-868-1730
    A: Hello! I have forwarded your problem to the relevant department. We will resolve your issue as soon as possible. We wish you a nice day.VanitySale Team
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  • E***** Y***** 09/26/2022

    Nice Storage

    Very nice storage!! Easy to install
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** b***** 09/26/2022

    Easy to assemble

    Easy to assemble!!!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • C***** S***** 10/03/2022

    good and sturdy

    GOOD AND STURDY, high quality
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** w***** 10/03/2022

    Nice storage

    Nice storage, thank you for high quality!! Better than expected..
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • G***** A***** 10/06/2022

    Good value

    Good value for this sturdy cabinet.. Has a nice and big shelves
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • G***** A***** 10/06/2022

    easy to install

    Easy to install. We installed in 50 minutes
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • Q***** d***** 10/08/2022

    Good one

    I have any bad comment for this nice product!! I bought for my mom, she liked it. I am happy
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** f***** 10/08/2022


    excellent storage area for my little bathroom. Nice
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** f***** 10/09/2022

    Good one

    I have any bad comment for this nice product!! I bought for my mom, she liked it. I am happy
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** m***** 10/09/2022

    Good and Simple

    Good and simple cabinet, this one meet my needs
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** T***** 10/10/2022

    modern and chic

    Modern and chic design!!
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** g***** 10/10/2022

    nice storage

    Very nice storage for our little bathroom, definitely worth it
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** s***** 10/10/2022

    Amazing storage area

    I know that almost all cabinets comes with a dual side (open and closed) or as fully open for the decoratice reasons. However, I am as a person who is allergic to dust love my belongings inside. This product provides wide storage area with its 4 shelves and satisfied me with the double doors. Moreover, the design of the cabinet looks very elegant yet, easy to clean. Minimal floor space that is used by the cabinet is also perfect for minimal bathroom decoration. Buy without any question.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • J***** J***** 10/10/2022

    Good liked it

    you can buy it your towels snd other bathroom items high quality material
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • T***** v***** 10/10/2022

    simple but high level storage

    This product is amazing. Effects of this is amazing
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
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