Vanilla Ice Pencil Moulding Polsihed Marble Crown Ogee 2"x12"

It is considered a member of white marble family despite the ivory and off-white shades on it

Vanilla Ice Polished Crown Ogee Molding is designed to finish up your wall projects with a touch of glamour

The size of crown ogee molding is 2 Width x 12 Length

These moldings blend perfectly with our Vanilla Ice Polished marble tiles and mosaics

You can use these moldings as a finish on top of half wall covering, for corners of your projects, framing windows and shower niches, finishing up kitchen backsplashes and also as board.

Vanilla Ice Pencil Moulding Polsihed Marble Crown Ogee 2"x12"

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The new trend Vanilla Ice reflects a distinctive look to the interior and exterior with its own selection. In recent years Vanilla Ice marble became indispensable product for floor and wall coverings. Being not veiny makes it easy to contrast this marble when it is used with other dark colored stones. Using Vanilla Ice itself will let you create modern living spaces. The strength of this marble will allow you to use it on any type of floorings as well as wall coverings. This precious stone is also available in mosaic tiles and moldings to let your bathrooms breathe with its brilliant look of Vanilla Ice marble without needing any other color, allowing anyone to experience the beauty in its simplicity.   

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