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PentaUSA White Tile Grout Repairs Tube, 3 Triple Protection, Fast Drying Grout Repair Kit 8.8 oz / 250 gr

ADVANCED FORMULA: Our product is carefully designed using a water-based formula that helps prevent dark staining and spots and protects against grubby grout while delivering richly pigmented colors.

FAST DRYING & 3 TRIPLE PROTECTION: PentaUSA Fast Drying Grout Repair Kit Permanent on most surfaces and has triple protection that Repairs, Renews, Fills. Ideal for non-ventilated workspaces.

NON-TOXIC and safe to use in enclosed spaces, the PentaUSA is an environmentally friendly option that allows you to quickly complete your home improvement upgrades.

PentaUSA White Tile Grout Repairs Tube, 3 Triple Protection, Fast Drying Grout Repair Kit 8.8 oz / 250 gr

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PentaUSA White Tile Grout Repairs Tube, 3 Triple Protection, Fast Drying Grout Repair Kit 8.8 oz

Waterproof Grout Marker Repair Tube is designed to instantly color and cover stained, dirty or old grout. Make all your bathroom, kitchen surfaces, tile floor, countertop or wall look new again.

It restores grout to its original color, making your home look like the day it was built. You can also change the color of grout by covering up stubborn grout stains.

It is eco-friendly as it was scientifically designed to be odorless and non-toxic, making it safe for your family members and pets

❃Apply smoothly on cement,tile, rocks, glass, ceramic, plastic, cement, and almost all other surfaces.

The product is silicone based. It can be used instead of silicone in moving and non-flexible places, but it does not act as silicone in moving places and spills over time.
* Prevents the formation of fungus and mildew, has waterproof (waterproof), and water-resistant fast-drying features.
* Our tube (250gr / ~ 165 ml) can fill approximately 40,000 mm of joint for a filling of approximately 1 mm depth. This means that on a better surface that is not very corroded (eg for a 0.5 mm fill) 80 m line long filling can be made.

ORIGIN Europen
  • Paint (H***** M*****) 12/15/2021
    Q: Can you paint over this product?
    A: Yes, you can
  • Does it have an odor? (O***** o*****) 01/14/2023
    Q: Does it have an odor?
    A: No, our tile grout filler does not have any odor. You can use it for your kitchen, bathroom, shower anywhere you want with ease
  • sanded or unsanded (M***** o*****) 01/14/2023
    Q: Is this sanded or unsanded grout?
    A: Our premix tile grout is sanded
  • used on a shower floor? (M***** e*****) 01/15/2023
    Q: Can this product be used on a shower floor? DO you have to seal it also?
    A: Yes, it can. It is important that the floor is dry before applying. After drying, even if it stays underwater for a long time, nothing happens, you can even use it in the pool, it is important that the floor is dry during the application. This product already used as a seal, too.
  • grout or like caulk (A***** r*****) 01/15/2023
    Q: Does it look like grout or like caulk when finished?
    A: Hi, Like Grout
  • Title (N***** h*****) 01/16/2023
    Q: I have read that some grout product in the market still contain traces of asbestos. Is this specific product asbestos-free?
    A: Our grout is made with patented non-toxic formula, which is asbestos-free.
  • PentaUSA 8.8oz White Tile Grout Instruction Manual
    White Tile Grout Instruction Manual


  • S***** S***** 01/10/2022


    Delivery was very fast. It's a product I recommend, I got my job done very easily!
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  • E***** Y***** 09/26/2022


    this product clean all over the rooms . amazing and lifesaver product
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  • P***** l***** 09/27/2022

    came late but good product

    Good product but came late. this is not important. ı cleaned all my bathroom and I liked it so much
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  • A***** d***** 10/03/2022

    my tiles are shining

    Good product, My tiles are shining with this product
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  • N***** h***** 10/08/2022


    worked nicely!! I am renovating my apartment. And I fixed my tiles with this one!! Good product
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  • N***** o***** 10/08/2022


    Nice product, you can use it without any doubt
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • E***** k***** 10/08/2022

    Good product

    Good product, I bought for my store!! All of the friends ask this product. Also very cheap
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  • A***** f***** 10/08/2022

    definitely recommended

    Definitely recommended!!
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  • V***** m***** 10/09/2022


    I think the most negative feature of the towel hangers is the tendency to rusting. This one is, very successfull. All the materials and included tools are sturdy and rust resistant. Since wet towels contact with the chrome surface all the time, it is expected and generally seen the rust on those materials. Also the hangers that are made of from other materials are generally worse looking decoration-wise. Therefore, this product is a saver as a rust-free, chrome finish, strong material in the ba
    (1) Helpful (0) Report
  • C***** r***** 10/09/2022

    Bad Shipping

    Shipping is bad!! The products were crushed when they arrived. and it came too late
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** m***** 10/09/2022

    very cheap

    very cheap. your bathroom will be clean with this product
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • L***** m***** 10/10/2022

    nice quality

    nice quality, good value
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • N***** h***** 10/10/2022

    product is good

    Good product, thank you for this
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • A***** r***** 10/10/2022

    very good for cleaning

    I love these They have all stuck great
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • M***** e***** 10/10/2022

    good one

    I bought the product for my family. I had seen my mother's product wear out. We are very satisfied with the quality of the product at the moment. My mom also loves using it. It looks very modern and stylish in the bathroom. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy this type of product.
    (0) Helpful (0) Report
  • M***** e***** 10/10/2022

    came late

    came late . this is very sadly
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  • M***** o***** 10/10/2022

    liked it

    we liked it so much!! This type of products always are excited me
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  • O***** o***** 10/10/2022

    Good Product

    Good product, best one for fast drying
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