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Penny Round Mosaic Thassos and Crema Marfil Marble Mix 11.25"x12.25" (3/4" Chip Size)

SHEET SIZE Sheet's size: 11.25"x12.25", and these products are sold by sheet.

COVERAGE Box coverage: 0.96 SF, Chip Size: 3/4".

COLOR This product’s color options: Tan & White

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION Floor, Wall, Accent, Backsplash, Shower.

QUICK-SHIP SAMPLES Order a sample to see and feel the product before buying.

Penny Round Mosaic Thassos and Crema Marfil Marble Mix 11.25"x12.25" (3/4" Chip Size)

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Penny Round Mosaic Thassos and Crema Marfil Marble Mix 11.25"x12.25" (3/4" Chip Size)

Stone is a product of nature and one of the most valuable gifts of nature to people. The formation of natural stones goes back millions of years. It is known for being monochromatic or marbled and hard. Every natural stone is unique because its geological changes and mineral formations are different. Thanks to regular care, beauty can last a lifetime.

The use of natural stone materials adds a modern construction look and elegance; antique. They can maintain their value for a lifetime with little maintenance. In addition to being extremely durable and aesthetic, it is resistant to germs and corrosion. Thassos round marble mosaic is the most commonly used natural stone because of its glossy surface. It is used mostly for decorative purposes with its many different shapes and textures. As it is accepted worldwide, any type of natural stone or its combination is one of the primary choices in the construction of cities.

Marble stones have different colored, patterned textures. They are used in making sculptures and small objects and become a quality accessory material. White cheap mosaic tile is the most popular of the marble variety in the market. It is widely used in various building constructions. White marbles are always a favorite of architects as they add charm and value to their location, giving them an antique look.

A marble mosaic floor is a valuable choice: There are some practical ways to care: First, the floor is regularly cleaned with a mild detergent; Then, rinse thoroughly and dry the surface with a soft clean cloth. Spilled on natural stone surfaces should be wiped off as soon as possible. Choose us for the most beautiful designs and economical purchases in marble.

Product Mosaic
Finish N/A
Color - Color Dot White & Tan
Material Marble
Size 11.25"x12.25"
Chip Size 3/4"
Operation None
Thickness None
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