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Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Silver Matt 12"X24" - An Extra 5% of- pallet qty 512 sqf

BOX COVERAGE This tile's size: 12"X24”, thickness: 0.35", and these products are sold in pallets.

PALLET COVERAGE Box quantity: 16 SF, pallet quantity:512 SF, and pallet weight: 1SQ FT=5 LBS.

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION It is possible to use our tiles in your home or on your balconies.

COLOR This porcelain tile's color is silver.

REFUND IS FREE There is no problem with returning our outdoor porcelain tiles.

Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Silver Matt 12"X24" - An Extra 5% of- pallet qty 512 sqf

Only 999 left in stock.
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$7,621.12 $3,134.98 PALLET
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Pottery, bricks, tiles, pottery, porcelain, and porcelain are common examples of ceramics. These materials are well known for use in construction, crafting, and art. There are many other ceramic materials, some of which are:

• In the past, glass was considered a ceramic because it is an inorganic solid that is fired and processed like ceramic. But because glass is amorphous, solid, glass is often considered a separate material. The ordered inner structure of the ceramic plays a big role in its properties.
• Carbon or solid pure silicon is considered a ceramic. In a strict sense, a diamond can be called a ceramic.
• Silicon carbide and tungsten carbide are technical ceramics with high wear resistance, which makes them useful for body armor, mining wear plates, and machine components.

Zirconia (zirconium dioxide) is used to make ceramic blades, gemstones, fuel cells, and oxygen sensors. Boron oxide is used to make body armor. Ceramic artifacts are useful in archeology and paleontology because their chemical composition can be used to determine their origin. This includes not only the composition of the clay but also the consistency - the ingredients added during production and drying. In addition to the above benefits and areas of use, ceramic is also used as a construction material. This is mostly in the form of modern floor tiles.

Our company has come to the fore with 12x24 porcelain tile products used in the field of construction. Therefore, with its experience, you can easily present designs that will make you happy. You can easily access and order all our products from our website. After you decide for what purpose you will buy the cheap porcelain tile product, you can easily access the material in terms of color and design and make a price comparison thanks to the product codes. Your order will be shipped to your address in a short time. All of our products have a return guarantee.

Tile Type Singular Tile
Material Porcelain
COLOR Silver
Resistance Type Mildew Resistant; Stain Resistant
Floor Use Yes
Water Absorption Impervious
Water Performance Level Waterproof
Submersible Yes
Inside Installation Yes
Outdoor Installation Not Suitable for Outdoor Use
Tile Design Concrete Look
Porcelain Tile Size 12x24 inch
Finish Matt
Shape Rectangular
Glazed No
Polish Finish N/A
Edge Type Pressed
Country of Origin China
Commercial Warranty No
Product Warranty / Warranty Length Yes / 1 Year
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