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Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Anthracite (Dark gray) Waterproof 12*24 Matt Rectangular -512 sqf/pallet - ($3.46 sqf)

BOX COVERAGE This tile's size: 12"X24”, thickness: 0.35", and these products are sold in pallets.

PALLET COVERAGE Box quantity: 16 SF, pallet quantity:512 SF, and pallet weight: 1SQ FT=5 LBS.

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION You'll be able to effectively outfit modern floor tiles all over your house without thinking.

LONG TERM USE You too have the chance to utilize porcelain tile near me as long as you need without any breakage or cracking.

REFUND IS FREE Your money will be refunded to you in any negativity.Please Read Refund Policy.

Pallet Porcelain Tile Ark Anthracite (Dark gray) Waterproof 12*24 Matt Rectangular -512 sqf/pallet - ($3.46 sqf)

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$4,875.00 $3,049.28 PALLET
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It is a slab of baked clay, glazed on one side and decorated with various patterns, used to cover and decorate the walls of wet floors such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and sinks. In the dictionaries, the word "faience" is given as "a slab of baked clay that is used to cover and decorate the walls, glazed on one side and decorated with various patterns".

The word faience comes from the city of Faenza in Italy. Tile, literally, is white and colored ceramic with varnish concealer. In addition, tin is also included in the polish of this ceramic type. It consists of a mixture of materials such as clay, kaolin, and quartz in its component. It is cooked in a 900 C stream and after glazing is done, it is cooked again in a 1000 C stream.

The tiles, which have existed in the Eastern countries since the 8th century, passed to Sicily through the Arabs and then moved towards Italy and France. It was used as a vase, jar, and plate in the 18th century. It was later used in paintings and pictures. Finally, tiles, which started to be used as building materials, started to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, in short, on wet floors.

Tiles consist of three types. These; It is called floor tiles, wall tiles, and porcelain tiles. Necessary materials for laying the porcelain tile 12x24; Cutting scissors, Pincers, Scales, Rope, Trowel, Spatula, Meter, Jig, Tile Comb, Ellen, Container for making mortar, Sponge, Hammer, Chisel, Broom, Plastic hammer, Nail, Hilti, Drill and Extension Cord. As auxiliary materials, Pliers and the like, Socket set, Plumbing materials, and Electrical materials.

In short, you can easily access the porcelain tile products that we introduce with their structure, usage areas, and application materials on our company's website. To serve the developing construction sector of our country with our products produced in international standards, to direct the sector with our innovative and creative activities, to participate in social projects in the time and conditions possible, to respect nature and the environment, the rights of our stakeholders and related parties and national/international laws and regulations by targeting profitability. is to be.

With the guarantee of our company, which is the address of trust in cheap porcelain tiles, your cargo will be delivered to your address safely as soon as possible.

Tile Type Singular Tile
Material Porcelain
COLOR Anthracite (Dark gray)
Resistance Type Heat Resistant; Slip Resistant; Fire Resistant
Floor Use Yes
Water Absorption Impervious
Water Performance Level Waterproof
Submersible Yes
Inside Installation Yes
Outdoor Installation Suitable for Outdoor Use
Tile Design Concrete Look
Finish Matt
Shape Rectangular
Glazed No
Polish Finish Polished
Edge Type Pressed
Country of Origin Turkey/Europe
Commercial Warranty Yes
Product Warranty / Warranty Length Yes / 30 Days
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