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Ottoman 39 1/4" Led Mirror

Mirrors are absolute must for almost any bathroom, without them bathrooms can look missing of something. Ottoman Led mirror is purposed to bring wink and airiness to your bathroom . It is rectangle shaped mirror which has Ottoman breezes on it. Its led radiates blue light to your bathroom. LEDs are shipped ready-made cable installed in transformer . NO need to confuse your mind wtih cables, we made it simple for you. It’s dimension is 24” H x 39” W x 1” D.

Ottoman 39 1/4" Led Mirror

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Ottoman LED rectangular mirror – It’s all about eastern accents

If you can’t stand boring mirrors, this Ottoman one will make all the difference for you. From a reflective surface in your bathroom to a stunning decorative solution, it will impress you with its shimmering allure and eastern features. As a rectangle vanity mirror with lights, Ottoman encompasses everything that LED technology has to offer. When a smooth glass surface is coupled with a soft blue glow and embroidery-like patterns, this creates an unusual but welcoming atmosphere for sure.

The Ottoman light-up rectangle mirror is best for:

  • modern, contemporary, and eclectic interior styles
  • large and small bathrooms that need additional illumination
  • restrooms in offices and commercial buildings
  • vanities with two or more sinks

This rectangle makeup mirror is such a multipurpose one thanks in no small part to its size. The 39″ width is the gold standard for most of today’s bathrooms. The 24″ height also makes sure you can hang Ottoman and conveniently center it at eye level.

Installation is a piece of cake. Plus, we ship this rectangular makeup mirror with lights being ready to use. Just hang Ottoman over your vanity and let yourself be bathed in the cozy blue glow.

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