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Otto White Bathroom Mirror– 36 inches, Wall, Farmhouse Mirrors, Untouched Paint White Color Living Room mirror

SAFE SHIPPING You will receive your bathroom wall mirrors as you can see in the picture

LONG-TERM USE After this farmhouse bathroom mirror is maintained, it continues to function much more than the warranty period

REMARKABLE DESIGNThe discount bathroom mirrors you have is just one of the thousands of designs

24/7 SUPPORT AND WARRANTY All Vanity Sale items are under our guarantee and we are available 24/7 for getting contact with customers.

DIMENSIONS Width 36 inch Tickhness 3/4 inch Height 32 inch

Otto White Bathroom Mirror– 36 inches, Wall, Farmhouse Mirrors, Untouched Paint White Color Living Room mirror

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Otto White Bathroom Mirror– 36 inches, Wall, Farmhouse Mirrors, Untouched Paint White Color Living Room mirror

Detailed Information

Bathroom mirrors, which are indispensable accessories of bathrooms, have an important place in terms of usage as well as their contribution to the bathroom appearance with their decorative shapes and stylish designs. Bathroom mirrors play an important role, especially when you take care of yourself. In addition to plain and patterned mirrors, the bathroom mirrors illuminated from above and from the side, and multi-purpose white bathroom mirror models also offer practical usage possibilities.

Material: Mdf and untouched paint The clearance mirrors are specially packaged to prevent damage during transportation. It is supported by special packaging materials and corners with high strength called honeycomb panels. Bathroom wall mirrors placed in a 1st class cardboard box. Finally, the product package is covered with nylon in the shrink machine so that it is not damaged by water and external factors.


How should our mirror be assembled?

When installing the farmhouse bathroom mirror you choose in your bathroom, it will be important to consider your needs as well as the appearance. Bathroom mirrors should be placed at the right points in accordance with the purpose for which they will be used. The duration of use of the mirror is also among the factors that affect the mounting style. If you are a tenant in the house you live in and you plan to remove the mirror when you need to move, you can choose bathroom mirrors with glued and suction cups. If you are looking for a product that you intend to use for a long time, you can choose models that can be mounted with the help of nails or screws.

Mount our mirror, which comes in the special box according to your preference, with the fixing apparatus. After adjusting the discount bathroom mirror vertically or horizontally, the process will be completed. In order for our mirror to be long-lasting, it will be sufficient to avoid excessive contact with water and frequently wipe it with clean cloth
Width 36"
Height 32"
Depth 3/4"
Color White
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