Nova 4863 Brush Holder Metal Material Free Standing Chrome Finish...
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Nova 4863 Brush Holder Metal Material Free Standing Chrome Finish

Nova brush holder keeps the toilet clean with this easy usage

It has rust resistant, it doesn t rust or anything

It s dimensions are:Overall product height is 9,65 , overall product width is 4,72 , overall product depth is 6

Nova 4863 Brush Holder Metal Material Free Standing Chrome Finish

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As we always said, little details are very impotant in our lives so in bathrooms. Nova brush holder keeps the toilet clean with this easy usage. It has rust resistant, it doesn’t rust or anything.
As you know the most important thing about brush holders is being rustless. So this is perfect! It includes a holder to keep everything sanitary. It is small sized to keep it out of sight yet it can always be within reach. It has chrome finish. Its material is metal. No assembly required. We  It’s dimensions are:Overall product height is 9,65” , overall product width is 4,72” , overall product depth is 6”.
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  • Delilah Contreras 10/3/2022 2:46:02 PM

    Really good quality

    The product is really good quality. All the materials it has contain high quality. Its steel bar is resistant to rust. The bas-relief for mounting on the wall really makes the job a lot easier. Because brush holders that do not have a mounting option can be a problem in the bathroom. In addition, the dimensions of the product are really sufficient. I recommend this good product to everyone.
  • Ruby davis 10/3/2022 3:17:39 PM


    Great little brush, Would buy again
  • Savannah Nguyen 10/5/2022 2:44:26 PM


    brush holder is amazing, its style and modern type is give me happiness
  • Skylar Harris 10/6/2022 2:09:10 PM

    Sturdy and useful

    My brush holder was broken and I bought it, this is very sturdy and useful brush holder
  • Sophie Hall 10/6/2022 2:18:32 PM

    high quality

    It is high quality and cheap!! Worth it
  • Hailey Campbell 10/6/2022 2:22:06 PM


    perfect. Movement is impossible very sturdy
  • Sadie howard 10/6/2022 2:25:38 PM

    Good one

    Good one, I like it so much
  • Liliana jones 10/9/2022 9:58:38 AM

    high quality

    Finally a sturdy , easy to install twoel rack. Happy with this buy
  • Hadley Anderson 10/10/2022 2:27:10 PM


    Great little brush, Would buy again
  • Lucas george 10/10/2022 3:55:27 PM

    bad delivery

    bad delivery it is interesting
  • Michael ortega 10/10/2022 4:06:38 PM

    fit perfectly

    I bought this product to use in my kitchen. Chrome build is really high quality. I use it for things like towels, scoops, etc. I like the fact that the product is most useful. I mounted it in the kitchen cabinet and it has a very solid structure. Quality product.
  • Ethan watkıns 10/10/2022 4:10:16 PM

    easy to use

    Easy to use and definitely recommended
  • Owen olıver 10/10/2022 4:37:08 PM

    Perfect price/performance product

    This brush holder is perfectly fit with my bathroom. Use it and recommended
  • Aiden lynch 10/10/2022 4:43:59 PM

    high quality

    Brush holder is high quality. Nice chrome finish
  • Samuel Jensen 10/10/2022 4:45:39 PM

    sturdy and useful

    Very sturdy and useful, my all family is using it with love
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