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VANITY SALE Ledos Line Shaped Led Mirrors– 23 ½ inches, Bath Mirrors with LEDs

LONG-TERM DURABILITY These Line shaped led mirrors are manufactured for long use and have high durability

DIMENSIONS It s dimension is 32 H x 23 ½ W x 1D

SAFE SHIPPING Shipping is one of the important stages for us for these Rectangular bathroom mirrors

What's included In order that it is ready-made cable installed in transformer , it is going to be very simple you to assemble.Mounting materials come in the box

24/7 SUPPORT AND WARRANTY All Vanity Sale items are under our guarantee and we are available 24/7 for getting contact with customers

VANITY SALE Ledos Line Shaped Led Mirrors– 23 ½ inches, Bath Mirrors with LEDs

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VANITY SALE  Ledos Line Shaped Led Mirrors– 23 ½  inches, Bath Mirrors with LEDs

 Detailed Information

Bathroom mirrors are of great importance for those who come across the mirror to get ready when the day begins. A line-shaped led mirrors contribute to bathroom design with their decorative features as well as their useful features. Bathroom mirrors, one of the striking parts of the bathroom sink set, are designed to appeal to different tastes.

Dimensions: Width: 24, Height:32, Depth: 1.The clearance mirrors are specially packaged to prevent damage during transportation. It is supported by special packaging materials and corners with high strength called honeycomb panels. Bathroom mirrors with led,  placed in a 1st class cardboard box. Finally, the product package is covered with nylon in the shrink machine so that it is not damaged by water and external factors.


The main feature we should pay attention to when choosing a mirror for our bathroom is its size. For example, rectangular bathroom mirrors may be a suitable option in large bathrooms. Large rectangular designs with light at the top will add a rich air to the bathroom. In small spaces, a model in small or medium sizes can be chosen that matches the bathroom dimensions to provide a more spacious appearance.

These decorative bathroom mirrors we have presented to you is designed in accordance with all bathroom sizes. With the color options, you will have no trouble matching the tiles in your bathroom.

In addition to the need for use, the mirror affects the illumination and appearance of the area with its ability to reflect light. In this respect, when choosing modern bathroom mirrors, you should first consider area dimensions. A mirror used in the right place and in the right position will provide you with a more useful and bright bathroom. Bathroom mirrors have many options in different forms in terms of both usage and appearance. In this direction, when choosing mirrors for the bathroom, turning to preferences that are compatible with general decoration and other accessories will provide visual integrity in the area
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