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Imperial Carrara Basketweave Marble Mosaic Honed White Color With Black Dot Marble 12"x12" (1"x2" Chip Size)

1- USAGE AREAS One of the preferences of our black marble mosaic tile is that you just can utilize them wherever you want.

2- SAFE SHIPPING Our customers don't get to worry approximately shipping.

3- DIMENSIONS Diverse estimations are utilized for each item, so what estimations do you would like.

4- REFUND IS FREE You can make your discount ask by reaching us on our company's website.

5- DESIGN OPTIONS If you need to see our marble mosaic floors with diverse plans, you'll be able to check our website.

Imperial Carrara Basketweave Marble Mosaic Honed White Color With Black Dot Marble 12"x12" (1"x2" Chip Size)

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VANITY SALE Imperial Carrara Basketweave Mosaic Honed With Black Dot Marble 12"x12"

Imperial Carrara Basketweave 12 X 12 Honed With Black Marble Mosaic 1 X 2 Chip Size Has A Unique Purity Of Color And Clear Tone. The Extraordinary Purity Of Its White Color Makes It Simply Spectacular. The Unique Look And The Personal Characteristics Of Imperial Carrara Are Its Best Hallmarks.

Mosaic Marble Tile 

  • Tile is the longest-lasting coating material. It does not require special maintenance, it is a lifetime. It does not ignite and does not burn; prevents the fire from spreading. Does not require complete renovation; It can be renewed by changing the broken tile. It has decorative options, it saves the cost of decoration.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of environments, structures, and textures. Eye-catching and pastel can produce all kinds of colors and tones. Pictures, patterns, and photographs can be printed on it. The richness of shape and size provokes creativity in decoration. It stimulates the pleasure of quality living, increases the quality of life. Its raw material is nature itself. It is obtained by pressing and firing natural minerals. It does not emit chemical waste to the environment. It is a recyclable material.
  • Tiles are suitable for every lifestyle and every taste. It is possible to produce tiles in all colors in nature. All kinds of patterns can be made on black marble mosaic tile. Self-patterned marble mosaic floor provides creativity in decoration. Apart from square and rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc. There are also forms. tile is not just a coating material. When it is coated on facades, it gives better results than paint and plaster. It is also used as a decoration element in interior architecture.
  • Dust and particles that are harmful to the respiratory tract do not accumulate in marble mosaic tile-coated environments. Our company, which is a pioneer in the field of tile products with hundreds of advantages such as these, offers you on its website. We trust our products because our vision is: “With the activities, we started by using and expanding our knowledge and expertise; to be a reliable player in the tile coating markets, to reach higher limits in total customer satisfaction, not to be a manufacturer of every segment, to be profit-oriented, to develop in a way to increase our market share and to achieve sustainable growth in income, To be up-to-date in the sector by applying innovations and to invest in the future with an understanding of environmental sustainability.
Product Mosaic
Finish Honed
Color - Color Dot Black
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size 1"x2"
Operation None
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