Innovative Usage Areas-Dolomite Basketweave Marble Mosaic Tile
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Dolomite Basketweave White Mosaic Polished Gray Color Dot Marble 12"x12" (1"x2" Chip Size)

USAGE AREAS You can mount this dolomite marble mosaic tile on the wall of your bathroom or on the floor of your kitchen.

SAFE SHIPPING We carefully ship our quality tiles to you.

EASY TO CLEAN Our white marble mosaic is easy to clean.

REFUND IS FREE You can quickly return the tiles that you have bought quickly.

LONG TERM USE Buy it once and let it last for years.

Dolomite Basketweave White Mosaic Polished Gray Color Dot Marble 12"x12" (1"x2" Chip Size)

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VANITY SALE Dolomite Basketweave White Mosaic Polished Gray Color Dot Marble 12"x12"

This Basketweave marble mosaic Is A Natural Stone That It Is Considered A Stunning Piece By Most. The Use Of It Is Further Expanded Because Of Its Crystalized Body Structure And Its Very Light Gray Veining. Providing A Look Specifically In Interior Spaces As Well As Countertops.



  • Tiles are one of the most important parameters in determining the general elegance of a house. Ceramic models, which must be finely screened and touched tightly for successful home decoration, are manufactured with hundreds of different designs to suit your tastes. Quality kitchen countertop ceramics increase the overall appearance of the kitchen, affect it positively, while also making your kitchen where you spend most of the day give you happiness. The same is true for bathrooms. Marble mosaic tile border products are definitely included in a spacious bathroom.

  • When the ceramic models are examined, it can be seen that there are hundreds of elegant and high-quality ceramic models presented to you by our company, which are inspired by nature, history, and our country. With its affordable prices, high quality, and state-of-the-art production processes, home, and office honed marble mosaic tile should be examined and the most interesting point of your spaces should be beautified by choosing the most suitable model for your tastes.

  • Ceramic models will appear as an extremely important and stylish choice. While most of the day passes while preparing food in your kitchens, the point you always see in the kitchen is the areas where these white marble mosaics are applied. While preparing meals or just spending time in the kitchen with your loved ones, which covers most of your field of vision, it will make you happy while ensuring that the part between the countertop and the kitchen cabinet is beautiful. You can easily access ceramic products that you can apply in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or in any area of ​​your home or workplace, on our website.

  • Thanks to the product codes, you can find the color, size, and price features together, and the ceramics are delivered to everywhere in the shortest time with the shipping guarantee. Hope to meet in stylish and spacious places.

Product Mosaic
Finish Polished
Color - Color Dot Gray
Material Marble
Size 12"x12"
Chip Size 1"x2"
Operation None
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