How To Install a Bathroom Vanity
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How To Install a Bathroom Vanity

This guide will teach you how to install a bathroom vanity in just a few steps, whether you're replacing a bathroom vanity or starting from scratch with a newly built bathroom. 
You may  follow these steps:

  1. If you already have a vanity in your bathroom, the first two steps will be shutting off all water supplies and removing the old vanity.
  1. Disconnect the water supply lines and p-trap. P-trap is the main white pipe under the sink, usually located in the center. Loosen the water valves. Turn the faucets on. Putting a small bucket under the sink will be helpful to catch any drips left in the pipes.
  1. Use a utility knife or a scraper to loosen the caulk between the wall and the vanity. Do it both on the backsplash and the sides (down to the floor). Remove the countertop carefully. Get help from another person if the vanity top is heavy and oversized. 
  1. As for the vanity base, remove the screws and detach the base from the wall. You will need a screwdriver at this step. It is even better if you have a cordless one. While removing the old vanity from the bathroom, tape the drawers and doors shut. It will protect them from any damage.
  1. Now it is time to install the new vanity! We know that you have already measured the available space and decided which vanity would be perfect for your bathroom.
  1. Mark the placement of the new vanity on the wall. Locate the studs with the help of a stud finder and mark the screw holes of the new vanity. Before installing the vanity, attach the drain and faucet to the countertop. Tighten the p-trap. Taking this step first will give you more space to work. Installing a new faucet together with a new vanity might also be a good idea!
  1. Put the new vanity in place. Make sure that the countertop and base are level and fixed. If not, use shims to find the balance. Cut them with a utility knife, if necessary. When you place the new vanity correctly, screw it into the already marked studs to keep it secure. Use some caulk on the top edges of your vanity base, and then carefully put the countertop on top of it.
  1. If you would like to install a double vanity, keep in mind that you need more space and additional consideration in plumbing.
  1. Reconnect the water supply lines and p-trap. For an easy and tighter connection, you can use plumber’s tape.
  1. Some vanities come with a separate backsplash. You may apply some caulk on the seams and the countertop edges and then attach the backsplash to the wall. Press it firmly into place. Wait 24 hours for your vanity to be ready to use.

           Your bathroom will have a brand-new look thanks to this easy and fun activity!

Tulug Z. Akkas

He graduated from BlackSea Technical University/Turkey in 1994 as a Civil Engineer. He worked on many road projects a building construction. He is still working on building projects.