How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet Finish and Hardware?
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How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet Finish and Hardware?

Must-see guide on choosing bathroom hardware and faucet finishes

So, you’ve just pulled off the major part of your bathroom renovation. A beautiful tub is in place, and refined tiles are also there. That means you’re all set to proceed to the next step – choosing bathroom hardware and faucets.

Before grabbing whatever you see first, keep in mind that fixtures can make or break your bathroom style. This is not where you can opt for the cheapest things, and neither do you want to end up with lackluster ones. Always install the right hardware and faucets so that your renovated bathroom looks nothing but gorgeous.

Let’s start with choosing bathroom fixtures and hardware

Styling is the first thing to pay heed to. Most homeowners tend to go with contemporary interior designs, yet shabby-chic and eclectic are gaining ground, too. Whatever the case, the choice of your bathroom accessories and hardware should rest on the style. Lashing out on the fixtures that you’ll want to replace in the long run is a rookie mistake.

For modern bathrooms, vintage towel racks and rings are just as unsightly as shiny, vibrant hardware is for the rustic style. The same goes for classy marble and tropical designs that look as if you’re trying to match the unmatchable. You’ve got the point.

Once you decide on the style of bathroom fixture finishes to stick to, consider which accessories you actually need and where to install them. Here are some tips:

  • Measure shower or tub unit walls as well as the area around your toilet and vanity to fit fixtures perfectly.

  • Select between towel bars and rings. Install them far enough to prevent water from pouring on them but close enough to remain accessible when you take a shower.

  • The chances are, you will need several rings or bars if you have a few sinks or shower areas in your bathroom.

  • Choosing bathroom fixtures doesn’t end there, though. Don’t forget to get holders for a toilet brush and paper.

  • If you’re unsure whether the desired fixtures will blend in a uniform look when installed, hardware sets might help. They are made up of accessories that match one style.

How to choose a bathroom faucet finish?

Now that you’re well aware of matching fixtures and accessories, you’re ready to fix upon bathroom faucets. Their finishes play a key role in streamlining the overall style. The 3 most common of them are:

  • Although there’s a varied range of different faucet finishes, chrome is an indisputable leader. No other option matches fixtures and hardware as perfectly as this one. It can be used for almost any bathroom style, modern or traditional, while making your faucets last, especially if triple-plated.

  • A brass finish is on a par with chrome in terms of resistance. It looks stunning with everything from marble to wood if you want your bathroom to have an antique feel.

  • A nickel finish is another shiny alternative to chrome. It’s a more expensive option, and it may be harder to blend with modern fixtures.

Most importantly, listen to your gut when comparing different faucet finishes for your bathroom. Choose what you gravitate towards and try to match other interior elements, and it will look dream-like!