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Floating Bathroom Vanity Installation | Vanity Sale

Diving into floating vanity installation – It’s easier than you might think

If your bathroom is starved for space, a floating vanity will fit perfectly. What differentiates it from traditionally designed cabinets is that it’s mounted into the wall with plenty of clearance between its bottom part and the floor. It not only looks stunning but also maximizes your bathroom space, while a vanity itself hangs as if it’s levitating. Another big win is that your toes are now safe from accidental hitting against lower areas or legs. The benefits aside, are floating vanities hard to install? You’re a moment away from finding out.

Running a few steps forward, the process of floating vanity installation is a bit more challenging than putting floor-standing bathroom cabinets in place. You’ll need more tools and a helping hand to attach it to the wall. But if you’re a die-hard DIYer who can’t imagine hiring someone to nail the job, you can be sure you can handle it on your own. Keep reading to find out how to install a floating vanity without breaking a sweat. 

Floating bathroom vanity installation – Step by step

Keep in mind that some wall-mounted vanities may require a different installation approach. It depends on their design, dimensions, and materials. In most cases, however, the following guide will always be handy during floating vanity installation:

  • Do the marking. Decide where you want your vanity to be, either in the corner or in the center of your bathroom. Measure its width and mark the area on your wall accordingly. Then determine the location of the studs and make another point.
  • Do the drilling and wood notching. To ensure level positioning, carefully notch your studs so that you can fasten the brace evenly. Drill holes and insert support hardware. Cut a piece of wood for the brace, fix it in place using screws, and paint it to match your drywall.
  • Do the hanging. This is where floating bathroom vanity installation calls for a helping hand. A wall-mounted cabinet may be heavy to raise on your own, so you better ask someone to assist you. Once it’s lined up, fasten it with washers, screws, and brackets.
  • Make finishing touches. Check whether your vanity sits evenly on both sides. If it gets out of the line, make sure to adjust it with additional screws for a reliable hold. Once its position is okay, install cabinet doors, drawers, and other components.
  • Enjoy. Now you know that floating vanities are hard to install if only you’re clueless about how to do it right. Never turn a blind eye to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and you’ll put your one in place in no time.

In case you haven’t chosen a wall-mounted vanity yet

If a cabinet that soars in the air takes your breath away, but you haven’t found your best bet yet, VanitySale’s selection is something you can’t miss. Here, your options of floating vanities abound, and so do their colors and designs. Take a peek to find what can complement your bathroom.

Also, you can contact us to get expert advice on floating bathroom vanity installation or selection.