20 Tips for Small Bathrooms
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20 Tips for Small Bathrooms

One of the biggest problems for those of you, who think home decoration is very important is to be able to design small spaces in a stylish, modern and functional way. The biggest reason for this is the increasing number of small apartments and houses in big cities with high population. But of course, living in small spaces does not mean we cannot have stylish, modern and eye-catching decorations. In this article "20 Tips for Small Bathrooms" we have compiled beautiful examples of decoration for small and narrow spaces. In this article, we will focus on bathrooms. Below you will find different and practical design proposals for each bathroom type!

1. Choosing bathroom cabinets with drawers provides much more modern and convenient storage space.
2. Remember that working out of standards always works! You do not have to choose your bathroom cabinet from the wall mounted bathroom models.
3. People generally do not know but large windows are always a great idea for small bathrooms! That was one of the small bathroom tips and tricks.
4. Bathroom towels integrated into the bathroom counter make a much more compact and stylish appearance.
5. Wall niches are one of the space saving tips for small bathrooms. You can install wall niches instead of soap holders. 
6. Some bathroom cabinets can be more useful in terms of storage space but show your bathrooms smaller. Sinks with open-shelf unit looks great! 
7- Is not it a great idea to have your laundries and laundry detergents in built in closets? 
8. If the architecture of your bathroom do not meet the standards, you create your own standards!
9- You have heard that black color should not be used for the small areas, but this is not always true! Textured wall applications with sufficient contrast and accurate lighting add black color a depth. 
10 - How about placing your washing machine and dryer under the sink counter top? 
11- People mostly care about interior design tips for small bathrooms to impress their guests so If you have a narrow bathroom, we do not recommend using a framed mirror. The wide, frameless mirrors provide a modern aesthetic and spaciousness.
12- Narrow and small areas are dim at the same time. But illuminating the shelves is a perfect idea to solve dimness. 
13- The accessories and furniture options you can use for small areas are very limited. But to create wonders in flooring is a brilliant idea. 
14- If you have a small bathroom, you should learn about small bathroom decorating tips. Do not always think about using angular objects! The round and oval designs take up much less space and at the same time give your bathroom an extraordinary look.. 
15- Medicine cabinets with mirror are one of the most useful products for small bathrooms!
16- Another small bathroom organization tips. You do not have to use a single cabinet, you can create storage spaces by mounting different colored boxes on walls of your bathroom..
17- To choose shower doors with clear glass and sliding door feature will provide more spaciousness and depth to the space.
18- Let your creativity talk! The legs of an old sewing machine is a perfect idea to create a beautiful design for small bathrooms!
19- You do not have to use the bathroom cabinets! The pedestal sink is extraordinary and impressive! With the wall niches it is also possible to create enough storage space. 
20- This tiny bathroom has succeeded imposing a perfect example of settlement. A colorful and stylish curtain can sometimes be the solution to everything.

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Fehim Akkaya -  Kagan Semiz
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