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Towels are important supplement of our bathrooms and daily life. We use towels in our daily lives unconsciously for drying our hands and body. We also use them for decorating in our bathrooms but actually we don’t have much information about towels. Where towels were first used? How we use towels? What can be done for old towels? Let’s check then!

If we ask how many years are we using towels? None of us can answer it. We have been using towels since our birth. Researchs show that towels are first used in 17. Century in Bursa, Turkey. Before using towels in our homes, towels were used in hamams. As Ottoman Empire ‘s boundaries expands, Turkish towel spreads to worldwide. 

What should we pay attention to choosing good quality towels? We use towels everyday. Towels touch our skins. So towels should be soft. It should have good texture and also raw material is important thing. When we buy towel we should look its material. There are a lot of kinds of material. For example bamboo, cotton, microfiber and etc. The important thing is water absorption. If towel has good water absorption, it is good because it contains a lot of bacterias when it is wet. %100 cotton towels do not cause allergic reactions. So you should take consideration these things.

Without any doubt when we buy towels we think if they go with our bathroom. Most of the time we like towel’s appearance not their raw material. There are a lot of kinds of towels. You can use  towels in your bathroom decoration in wooden,metal boxes with candles.

Towel maintenance is other important thing. We use it almost 15 times in a day and it is always wet. So it should be washen usually. When we want to wash our towels we need to keep in mind that we should wash towels with same colors and we should wash them in adequate temperature. With the help of these our towels don’t wear out easily.

Bear in my mind that old towels are not trash! We can use in DIY projects. Unfortunately one day even high quality towels wear out. If you have a lot of old towels you can benefit from. You can create beach towel, bathroom mop and etc. If you don’t want to do with the old towels you can only use for drying your bathroom.